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Bushiroad Reveals Gift Game, Trailers for Mushoku Tensei, Rear Sekai, Goblin Slayer Games

Bushiroad Games unveiled on Thursday a new game titled Gift for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Toydium and Million Edge are developing the puzzle action game, scheduled to launch in 2024. The company streamed a trailer for Gift as well as for several other previously announced games. These trailers reveal the PS5 version of – Quest of Memories, October 12 release date for Rear Sekai, and key visual for -Another Adventurer- Nightmare Feast.


Bushiroad describes Gift:

When the protagonist wakes up, he finds himself on a luxury cruise ship. The game revolves around the story of his attempts to escape from the sinking ship and a group of passengers he feels nostalgic about.

This action game is where you find your passengers and escape from a sinking ship. The tilt and water level of the ship are constantly changing, and the situation can vary dramatically depending on the timing, even in the same location. Gimmicks in the stages also change significantly depending on the tilt and water level. Players need to use these elements and build escape routes strategically. Sometimes it is necessary to solve puzzles, and sometimes it is needed to navigate your way through different actions.

– Quest of Memories

Bushiroad Games revealed that it will release the – Quest of Memories game for PS5, in addition to PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam. The game is listed as “coming soon.”

Rear Sekai

Bushiroad Games and developer HAKAMA are launching the new original action RPG Rear Sekai for Nintendo Switch on October 12. Yoshifumi Hashimoto (Rune Factory) is planning and producing the game. Shie Nanahara and Minako Iwasaki are designing the characters. Motoi Sakuraba is composing the main theme song. Kaito Ishikawa and Saori Ōnishi are voicing characters.

-Another Adventurer- Nightmare Feast


The new Bushiroad Games label will launch with the -Another Adventurer- Nightmare Feast game for Nintendo Switch and PC. -Another Adventurer- Nightmare Feast will feature an original story. It will support English and Japanese languages. The game is listed as “coming soon.”

Source: Bushiroad‘s YouTube channel



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