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Busu ni Hanataba o's Roku Sakura launches new manga


May issue magazine revealed on Tuesday that manga creator Roku Sakura will release a new book titled

Koi Suru 2DK, Ayakashi Zensai Tsuki (Romantic Two-Bedroom House, Wife Haunted) May 2 next issue. koisurukoisurukoisuru © Roku Sakura, Kadkoawa

Manga with Si is the central master, a girl who ran away from home after finding out her fiancé was cheating and moved into a dilapidated cheap apartment. She spent her days drowning her grief in alcohol. Eventually she meets a handsome neighbor, Haruyuki Isato, and can feel herself falling in love all over again. It turned out that Haruyuki’s late wife was making noise in the apartment where Shi lived.

Sakura initiates ( April showers bring May flowers

, or literally ugly flowers) manga at April 2022, and ends September 488. Kadokawa published the manga th and the final compilation volume in November 700. The manga inspired an upcoming anime.

Source: May Issue, Roku Sakura

‘s twitter account

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