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Button Oswalt Just Ruined the 'Eternals 2' Announcement

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition

Tom Holland like this: verb. 1: Destroy the plot, details, or mere existence of a superhero movie. HERE IS Tom Holland sentence: “Man, Patton Oswalt really pulled a Tom Holland When he told TODAY the show would have a Eternals sequel, eh?”

All right, Friends, Merriam-Webster hasn’t officially made Tom Holland a verb (yet!), but Oswalt Really delivered an epic hit on TODAY s. On yesterday morning’s show, Oswalt talked about appearing with Harry Styles’ Star Fox, as troll Pip, in Eternals . “They’ve announced that there will be a Eternals sequel,” Oswald said. “Chloé Zhao will direct it. So, hopefully Starfox and Pip will have more adventures. “ They announced the

Eternals sequel, Barton? Do they have it?!

They don’t.

Even if Marvel marked it in The title card at the end of Eternals says the crew will be back, and we haven’t heard anything official about the future of the god-heroes team. Heck, Kevin Feige in A surprising number of projects were announced at Comic-Con, and there was no mention of Eternals , starring Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, and Kit Harington .. Given the mixed reviews of the MCU, it’s understandable that Feig would take a shot before deciding on its future. Yeah. Oswalt might be missing something here. Let’s just hope he’s okay , and hope Figg doesn’t scare him in the dark alley.

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