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By Malene Birger Pre-Fall 2024

As a sort of counter to the dark and heavy times, Maja Dixdotter aimed for a light touch with this By Malene Birger collection. One of the ways she introduced it was through her use of a butterfly crochet on ivory separates, which was inspired by some vintage lace she found in her mother-in-law’s attic. In addition, she cut many of the pants and skirts for fluid movement and used a soft fluffy “eyelash” fabric for a kimono with a bit of built-in “quiver.”

The Greek-island mood from last season carried over in shell and column details worked into knits. Sun hats and fringe also had a vacation vibe, as did the shots of raspberry and blue in an otherwise neutral collection. Red thong sandals with hearts took love beyond an emoji. “I think it’s important to take a step back and think about fashion in another way,” said Dixdotter, who believes that her work should function in the real world. “We have to [focus on] what is important in fashion: You should feel good in it, you should feel strong. It should be comfortable, and it should be long-lasting. And it has to be honest in a way.”

By shooting the look book herself, using analog means, Dixdotter practiced the genuineness that she preaches. “It was nice just to dare to believe in the process itself and in creativity that comes when there’s not too much planning,” she said. That trusting, free, and optimistic spirit is also in the clothes.



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