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by Malene Birger Resort 2024

Can contemporary brands practice slow fashion? By Malene Birger’s Maja Dixdotter is aggressively working toward this goal; for the resort, she’s cut the number of new looks by about half, and in doing so has crafted a strong editorial that continues to expand her work for the company Bohemian minimalism theme set. It’s really a case of less is more: “We can work longer on the product and you can really find your look; it’s everything but fast fashion,” says Dixdotter.

When designing the collection, she imagined that someone had found a style that was perfect for her and was comfortable to wear. Maggie Mauer was the model who portrayed this woman, and she treated clothes Cabinets are treated like home decor, thought out and expected to live a long life.

Dixdotter was drawn to the soft and fluffy texture, which she uses here for a shearling skirt suit and fringed Camel capes. There are chunky hand-knit sweaters in wintery white, and rib-knit suits that are easy to wear and travel with, as well as outerwear in reversible fabric. A dissonant note is the striped pajama set, which feels overt rather than Suggestive bohemian style. The waist-tight suit adds a touch of New Look curves to the overall harmonious atmosphere.



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