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Byron Lars Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Byron Lars on his In Earnest Spring Collection 1940 (presented as part of a group event called “Lighting the Runway”) is about “wearing the runway” The fun of clothing.” That’s essentially the motivation behind all of Lars’ work, distilling his sunny nature into clothes that sparkle and make you smile. From the first outlet, featuring a “white oxford button-down” shirt paired with “court-style” jeans, offers a sophisticated alternative to the oversized trend. Other looks were paired with garden mules, adorned with flowers.

Although he has shown narrative or themed series in the past, this season Lars is after an atmosphere. “We tried to conjure up 1942 Harlem Chic,” designer says. “Hot Sauce,” he explained, what happens when fashionable stuff passes through a black filter. Like, ‘Okay, it’s a bit more vulgar than we expected, but I kind of like it! ”



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