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Byte Magazine: The C Programming Language (1983)

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aims to make programs portable, Fast and compact. C is the language of choice for many programmers. This month’s topic article investigates why.

p.48 for system The C Language and Model for Programming

[author Stephen C. Johnson and Brian W. Kernighan]

A happy medium high level language between the low end and the low end, C provides a model for efficient programming.

p.64 Introduction to AC Language, p. Part 1: Construction and Conventions

[by James Joyce]
Cs keyword and function tour.
p.82 Comparing CP/M-86’s C Compiler
[Author Jie Ray Huston, Jim Broderick & Les Kent] to see which compilers for the CP/M-86 system are the best fit for purpose, most cost effective, and easiest to use.

Five C Compilations for p.110 CP/M-80 Device

[Author Christopher O. Kern]

CP/M-80 Operation How the system’s C compiler stacks up.

p.134 for IBM PC Nine C Compilers

[author Ralph A. Flanna]

pair can be used for this lucrative Differential look at the software market of C compilers.

p.172 Managing with C Software Development

[by Jason Linhardt]

The convenience and code of choosing a good programming environment for programming Quality has a bigger impact than you might think.

p.186 Unix Tutorial, Part 1: Introduction to Features and Facilities

[by David Fide le]

p. Bell Labs’ Unix operating system and its Overview of the Utility Toolbox.

p.212 Overview of C and Unix Resources

Guide to C language materials, courses and online instruction.

p.222 What is a software tool?

[by Rebecca Thomas]

How to design programs using Unix and C, which in turn helps you design other programs.

p.243 CP/M Unix C compiler in environment

Look at Standard C Compatibility of the compiler under CP/M.

p.268 Note C: C Language Bibliography

[by Terry A Ward]

Where can I find information about the characteristics of C. Books, Articles and Reviews

p.36 Building a Power Line Carrier Current Modem

[by Steve Ciarcia]

Now your computer can communicate over the power cord.

p.286 Using Profiler to chisel out your code
[by Dennis Liss and Paul Wentz]

Executes compiler programs at the speed of assembly language programs, but at the expense of effort and cost Just a small part of it.

p.292 Apple’s new shape subroutine

[By Richard T. Simoni Jr.]

Flicker-free animation scheme for the Apple II.

p.312 The debate continues…
[By Jerry Pournelle]

Jerry looks at programming languages, from APL to Modula-2.

p.331 IBM PC and Intel 8087 Coprocessor, p. Part 1: Overview and floating-point assembly language support

[by Tim Field]

This software utility Powerful floating-point, integer, and BCD arithmetic can easily be added from assembly language.

p.386 Curious Coordinates in Computer Graphics
[By Roger Milliken]

Cartesian coordinates are not always the best choice for all plotting tasks.

[By William Gates]

The chairman of Microsoft’s board of directors analyzes today’s software problems and predicts where tomorrow’s software is headed.

p.404 8086 – Architecture for the Future, Part 3 : Instruction set continuation

[author Stephen A . Heywood]



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