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C-Shaped Blush Is The Secret to Looking Snatched

Forget contour or even highlighter—instead, do as Naomi Campbell did over the weekend and carve out killer cheekbones using just blush. Although Campbell, who was a guest at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, is already blessed with the world’s best bone structure, her face appeared even more sculpted and glowing than ever. Why? Our money is on her choice of flush and her C-shaped application technique.

“As well as applying blush on her cheekbones, Naomi has also continued the same color on to her eyelids, which is known as ‘draping’,” says makeup artist Gemma Peace. “Aside from looking really fresh, it gives you a lifted effect. Campbell, with her amazing cheekbones, doesn’t really need it, but it’s a great trick if you want to enhance your bone structure seamlessly without having to use any additional contouring products.”

Naomi in Abu Dhabi.

Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images

As for the placement of her blusher? “Keep it high up on the cheekbones,” says Peace. “The effect is a bit like when you tie your hair up: It lifts the face and naturally gives you a more contoured, sculpted look.”

When it comes to choosing your shade, opt for one that can easily be worn on your eyelids too, so something with brown undertones is ideal as it will anchor it to the natural tones in your skin. If, like Campbell, you can finish with a similar shade on your lips to tie the whole thing together… well, then consider yourself in pole position in the beauty stakes.



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