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Cabrera showcases clutch defense on biggest stage

Cabrera shows key defense on the biggest stage

NEW YORK — Oswaldo Cabrera went full throttle into the foul zone and climbed Fans in the corner with the left foot of the wall separating the playing field from the playing field. As he held the glove above his head, he got in touch with a specific fan who was trying to get a souvenir.

Cabrera lost his hat in the crowd, but he Go with the ball.

• ALDS Game 2: Thursday, Game 7 :23 PM ET at TBS

Center fielder Harrison Budd flexes his muscles. Starter Gerrit Cole applauded from the mound. And manager Aaron Boone, who has the perfect vantage point in the dugout – well, he saw it coming.

” when that ball flies there, there’s a slice on it , I think he has a chance with the ball,” Boone said Wednesday. “I think he was very close to it, very controllable, and then you never know how the crowd plays out. …

“[It’s] more of the same we’ve seen since we brought him up. ”

• Playoff Ticket Information

Once again, Cabrera made it and made his teammates dumb Silent, made Yankee Stadium cheer. But this time, in the Bronx on Tuesday night, it was in the playoffs for the first time in his young career.

Cabrera wins 4-1 as Yankees win Game 1 of American League Division Series With one of its enduring moments played a major role.

“I was just excited about the game, excited about the playoffs,” he said Wednesday. “I wasn’t thinking about it at that moment. It just happened. ”

• Bud, the first Yankee home run was the stuff of a childhood dream

Cabrera throws the ball into the infield, then turns around to retrieve his cap, using his glove Put a hat on the fan. The defensive positioning card he’d been hiding in it was gone, but he didn’t think much of it; when he got back to the dugout, he just got a new one. Whether the fan ended up getting a souvenir, who’s to say No.
Since23 year old since being called in August. 17, defense has always been his calling card. In the first weekend of his major league career alone, Cabrera hit a home run in right The third baseman caught a foul pop when he hit the tarp and completed a Derek Jeter-esque jumper at shortstop.


But in his six-plus minor league career, Cabrera has only played in four games, Boone said, with 94 is a “very talented” guy in the outfield compared to being an infielder. Cabrera started out last offseason Field practice, however, in case the Yankees call talk.

Even though he has been caught off guard by its favorable outcome.

“Yes, to be honest, I Surprised,” Cabrera said. “But at the same time, it’s the work we put in. I never thought I’d make a drama like that, but we’re working towards it.”

Cabrera’s fearlessness on the court is a product of that preparation. The Yankees knew the potential he had, and they embraced his desire to become a more complete player. He also impressed them on offense, hitting the ball with

. 94 RBI and a.94 OPS ends at 94 games, including Grand Slams and Eliminations.

But Cabrera’s defensive versatility has always been his The most attractive quality. That, and the way he plays the game “was a little swagger to him.”

“His makeup shows this guy can handle this,” Boone said. “He’s very mature. He’s a very confident baseball player. He really works hard. He handles information very well. … He gets it, he’s not afraid.”

Cabrera has proven that in his short time. And on his first night in New York in October, he did so on the biggest stage.

“I just try to do what I have to do to help the team win, and that happened yesterday,” he said. “I feel good about it. … It was amazing. It was a great night for me.”




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