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California football: Craig Woodson celebrates his triumphant return

Craig Woodson has not played a game in California since December 5, 2020 – two days to 21 months.

The red-shirt teen safety suffered a knee injury during a fall training camp.

So when Saturday’s first half against UC Davis ended with an interception waiting to happen, who could blame him for making a difference if he wasn’t quite ready?

Well, Woodson takes all the blame.

“I’m definitely going to profit from that game,” he said. “Mindset for the next game. Gotta keep going.”

That’s exactly what happened.

In Game 2 of the second half, Woodson stepped on Hastings before Aggies quarterback Miles’ pass, picked it off, and ran to the end zone for 39 yards . The Bears’ 10-point lead suddenly expanded to 24-7.

The red-shirt junior safety officer from Grand Prairie, Texas, is all smiles during a postgame interview.

“Yeah, man, that means everything to me,” he said. “Even before the game, I was emotional, just thinking about where I was and where I am now. It’s been a long journey.

“I really had to stick with the whole process, so being able to Playing here again, I’m grateful. “

Woodson’s teammates share his joy.

” Craig is especially excited after going through his season last year and just coming out and playing fast ,” said Security Officer Daniel Scott.

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“Really proud of him,” California coach Justin Wilcox said in the video above. “It’s been a long time since he’s played, so it’s been really cool to have him back there. Great. “

Wilcox and Scott to Woodson after such a long hiatus was able to keep his attention after missing his first draft opportunity.” Scot Te said. “He made a little joke to me in the locker room at half-time and said, ‘Next, I’ll figure it out.’

“It just put a smile on my face . “

Wilcox’s reaction was the same.

“He had a chance in the first half and he was playing most of the time,” Wilcox said. “He didn’t make it, of course he was frustrated by it,” Alcox said. I just love the fact that he continues to play and he hits one down.

“When we show it (in a meeting) it’s going to be a point. Sometimes you want to make some drama and it doesn’t go as you want. But don’t put your head down and give him up Played by himself and kept playing…he had a great game.”

In the video above, Woodson gives a postgame assessment of Karl’s overall defensive performance in the 34-13 victory over Davis.

Craig Woodson’s cover photo for Darren Yamashita’s touchdown return interception, TODAY America

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