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Call of the Night – Episode 12

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It feels like it’s been a while since Nazuna and Ko have been able to hang out with some vending machines ‘s midnight glow will make you shudder. This is an intentional development of – its scope and priorities — but it also means that this episode provides some welcome breathing space after last week’s vampire exorcism. While the series and its characters can’t really go back to their slouchy ways since Anko has shaken things up, it’s great to see our two protagonists take the time to figure things out. They took refuge in each other and pushed each other away. They have a lot of work to do, but I love seeing them both serious and vulnerable to each other. Any established relationship It can only be deepened by the inevitable conflict and, more specifically, by how it handles that conflict. Ko turns to Nazuna to solve two problems: his fears and his uncertainty. He was afraid of Nazuna for the first time, but instead of running away from her, he leaned on the trust they had built up so far. No matter how scared he was, it wasn’t enough to discredit what their relationship meant to both of them. He is so mature! I also like the casual maturity of the resolution. Nazuna couldn’t get rid of his fear; in fact, she acquiesced to him not to be afraid of being Stupid vampire. But by facing his emotion together, they were able to name it, accept it, and deal with it together. It is this kind of thoughtfulness that makes extreme vampires based on correlations The antics keep growing painful. Ko’s uncertainty Sex is a tougher issue. Emboldened by his sincere concern for his best friend, Mahiru shakes Ko quite a bit with the relaxingly simple questions he asks. It’s also a very teenage uncertainty, as much of adolescence is tied to our developing brains, and we’re trying to reconcile our mature capacity for rationalization with the realization that our desires are rarely rational. A few extra coins were put into our nerve tin, and we spent the next decade or more chattering out of frustration. There is no logical reason for Ko to want to be a vampire. But he still wants

to be one of them. His half-hearted attempts to convince himself and Nazuna aren’t convincing at all, because you can’t find your way out of what’s coming out of your heart.

However, Nazuna tries to Relieve Ko’s anxiety by, in turn, being incredibly vulnerable. I can’t tell you how much I love this moment. After nearly a full season of celebrating silly nighttime hedonism, own skin, and at its core bare the beating heart of depression. Being a vampire sucks. Even the funniest thing will eventually lose its popularity. Before we fester and rot, we are bags of meat. But it helps not to do it alone. Maybe loving someone means being willing to shoulder the burden of existence together. Maybe love can transform the grey lead of life into the simplest gold. Maybe love can even make eternal life bearable. Perhaps only love can make immortality endure. Do you think unique vampire rules are something that originated in the universe , or out of sympathy? To reiterate, I It’s incredibly difficult to think that an anime like this completely flips the tone of its life, while still being rooted in how much Nazuna and Ko care about each other. Nazuna isn’t lying about her depression, but she’s also communicating it to protect him from his own. It hurts. All thanks to Anko, who swaggered into another high-profile scene this week. Equally playful and scary part, she sucks all the color in the world and fills it with her smoky scent. If it wasn’t already obvious last week, her beef with vampires is very personal, and she effortlessly draws her paw and points it to Ko’s neck. Sawajo Miyuki also knocks it down and it’s Park again; she’s really amused by Anko’s menacing single brisk, which she punches up when her character goes into metaphorically choking Ko. Has an adult-like presence in the Monogatari series , often appearing to remind Araragi and his cohorts if supernaturally intensified teenage squabbles , then beyond their trivialities, there is a huge and terrifying adult world. It’s a world full of responsibilities, debt, and stress, enough to put a trench coat over your eyes, a trench coat draped over your shoulders, and a disdain for the youth in your heart. But enough about Kaiki Deshu, I think Anko is cool too. This episode starts with A great adaptation note ends. After Anko alerted Ko, their lights drowned the scene in a deep red, the first time an anime used that palette. Seriously, I combed through my rich screenshots, and every other scene that was passionate or action-heavy was mostly painted in pink. Well, keep the color of blood in for the police and Ko night frolics coming soon Finish. It’s also fitting that while Ko was never as afraid of vampires as he should have been, what terrified him immediately was the prospect of losing touch with the night and all those he cared about. And with only one episode to air, I don’t expect any conclusive results from next week’s season finale. But given what a great adaptation this is, I think it puts us in a place where it feels right.


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