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Câllas Milano Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Black pants? Go to a top e-commerce site and you’ll get 404 different pairings. too much? Another online retailer offers 882 styles. Those numbers would daunt even the most dedicated shopper. Too many choices often leads to no choice at all – a statistic shows that 79% of customers leave on the third page of search results.

The solution was to get to know the name Callas Milano, where co-founder Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann makes tailored trousers. Visit its website, there are several pairs labeled “permanent collection”. They’re wardrobe staples like the cropped and long indigo flares and the double-pleated baggy straight-leg silhouette that’s updated season after season—don’t worry about revisiting a new color.

For fall, the freshness comes in new high-waisted silhouettes, a mix of tuxedo trousers and sweatpants with bold stripes down the sides, wide-leg champagne velvets paired with dramatic Pleated texture, and fitted cigarette trousers with zip detail, take inspiration from the slopes. Jackets in the collection include traditional men’s cuts, slimmer, fitted fits and slim fits. Smart choices, everything, no decision fatigue.



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