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Calling All ‘Sex and the City’ Fans: You Need This Miranda-Themed Sweatsuit

If you couldn’t help but wonder what would make the perfect gift this holiday season, Rachel Antonoff has you covered. The New York–based designer’s eponymous label—known for its amusing, whimsical motifs—has released its latest TV-inspired toile de Jouy print, and OG Sex and the City fans will feel all the nostalgia. Miranda Hobbes—everyone’s favorite sardonic redheaded corporate lawyer—stars in a crewneck, jogger, and tote splashed with vignettes from some of her most memorable scenes, as illustrated by artist Hazel Lee Santino. In one, Miranda gives the infamous “eat me” sandwich a piece of her mind; in others, she locks lips with Steve, dons bucket hats and Lasik-eye-surgery-recovery goggles, and perches beside a chocolate cake (an homage to her “Betty Crocker clinic” baking binge).

Photo: Louisiana Mei Gelpi

Photo: Louisiana Mei Gelpi

“Miranda is really an unsung hero,” Antonoff tells Vogue, explaining why she gravitated toward Cynthia Nixon’s character out of the four leading ladies. “The way she talks, the clothes she wears—she’s so fascinatingly herself.” Below, the designer and TV aficionado discusses the making of the Miranda Toile, the joy of endlessly rewatching Sex and the City, and what it’s like “living in a full-blown nostalgia tornado all the time.”

Vogue: Whether your designs are tied to elaborate culinary displays or women in politics, you have this special gift for tapping into the clever and unexpected. From where do you glean inspiration?

Rachel Antonoff: My inspiration comes from literally everywhere in the strangest ways. Growing up, my mom and I used to go on what she would call “feel runs,” meaning one person would run whichever way they felt in the moment. That’s kind of what my design process feels like. I can’t tell you the number of times an idea has come from the waiting room of a weird gynecologist’s office, something an annoying ex-boyfriend said to me, or something I’m eating. I feel like a detective constantly paying attention, looking for the next bizarre idea.

So many of your garments feature New York foods and motifs. Do you feel like your designs are a product of the way you see the city? To what extent are they autobiographical?

They’re extremely autobiographical. They reflect how I see New York, having gone to school here, but with the twist of mostly having grown up in New Jersey and always feeling so close to the city but wanting to be there and finally getting to be. There’s a little bit of both sides and, of course, always celebrating New Jersey too.



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