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Camp Leisure Animated Film Gets Dolby Screening in Japan Starting September 30

‘s staff (Laid-Back Camp Movie) adapted from Afro‘s (, ) The manga revealed on Tuesday that the film will be shown in Dolby Cinema in seven theaters in Japan starting in September .
The movie was released on July 1 at #3 and received
,450,407 yen (about 2.58 million dollars) in the first three days. As of August, the film has grossed 1 billion yen (about $7 million) at the box office . Shochiku is releasing the movie. The anime film features familiar characters from the franchise who have grown up and reunited to build camp.
This movie depicts a TV anime that has now grown up after a while Nadeko and others. Rin, who now works for a small publisher in Nagoya, receives a text from Chiaki. Yamanashi Prefecture’s tourism promotion organization has put Chiaki in charge of reopening the site, which was closed a few years ago. Hearing this, Rin suggested that such a spacious site could be converted into a campsite. Chiaki and Rin reunite with Nadeshiko, Aoi and Ena to start the campground development project.

Five people in overalls assembled to mow the lawn, hold a planning meeting, and set up a campsite from Plaza 1, in the scene Reminiscent of their club time in high school. The five main actors of the TV anime reprise their roles, and several key staff members including the director Yoshiaki Kyougoku and screenwriter Jin Tanaka and Mutsumi Ito returns from the TV anime. Singer Asaka sang the movie’s opening theme song “The Sun Rises” and Sasaki Ei Li sang the ending theme song “Mimosa”

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