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Can Tomato Girl Summer give me the sweet life of my dreams?

help! Everyone I know is summering in Europe! Or at least it feels that way. It seems like every time I turn on social media, someone new is gobbling up a plate of fresh pasta or taking a dip in the Mediterranean, and all I can do is watch jealously from miles away. But at least I know I’m not the only one with FOMO. A new trend on TikTok advocates dressing for the vacation you want rather than the one you already have. Enter Summer of Tomato Girls.

Tomato Girl’s Summer is dedicated to lazy days at seaside villas, encouraging non-voyagers to cosplay vacations to Southern Europe, especially Italy. (The fruit in the name refers not only to its popularity in local cuisine but also to the color of the season.) Linen, silk, cotton, eyelet, wicker, gingham, sun white, and, of course, tomato red are all on the table. Airy skirts, flowy dresses, airy button-downs, silk scarves, soft leather sandals and oversized glasses are encouraged. While the trend is mostly among the masses, even celebrities are capitalizing on similar sentiments: Kylie Jenner posted an airy white two-piece on Instagram, paired with a woven bag from her own backyard, Billie Eilish and Hailey Bieber both experimented with bold reds, and Addison Rae even sported some tomato-print briefs.

Tomato Girl is not a strict uniform, but a casual vibe with a rich confidence. At first I conceded that this trend was a ridiculous rebranding of La Dolce Vita

. But as a Gen Zer, I can’t help but empathize with the tens of millions of my peers who follow the “tomato girl” lifestyle on social media. Whether a luxury Italian vacation is in reality (or a bank account) or not, fantasy is within reach.

But, personally, can I achieve this indifference by wearing this character in my everyday life? I’m an anti-tomato girl. I’m not very laid back, and my personal style is more Italian widow than Italian glam. But being a Tomato Girl is equally a state of mind: a self-deception that real life can be a vacation, even when you’re stuck at home. Maybe a vacation away from my usual closet is just what I need. Or, at least, as is the case with my fellow Tomato Girls, it’s a must-do right now.

Day One

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