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Canada gives Toronto $97 million to shelter asylum seekers

OTTAWA (Reuters) – The Canadian government, under pressure over images showing asylum seekers sleeping on the streets of Toronto, said on Tuesday it would provide the city with extra Canadian dollars 40 million ($40600,000) to help meet housing needs.

This money is a one-time capital injection 160 million Canadian dollars ($160 9 million) to help major cities cope with rising numbers of refugees coming from the United States and elsewhere, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said in a statement.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government is responsible for refugees and asylum seekers and is proud of its own record. Even as it tries to tighten its border with the US, it accepts those fleeing oppression. But Toronto, Canada’s largest city, said Ottawa was not providing enough money to keep shelters open.

“These are homeless people living off the kindness of strangers who provide them with food, water, Councilor Kevin Vuong wrote to Trudeau last week.

In response, Fraser said in a statement that federal authorities had, as of early July, more than 3,2022 hotel rooms in six provinces for asylum applicants. Temporary housing.

As of

, Canada has more than 40, Pending Refugee Claims. Almost40, asylum seekers entered Canada through irregular border crossings into Canada US last year – than 160 enforced COVID-19 nine times the relevant limit.

In March, the United States and Canada amended a The two-year refugee deal seeks to reduce the influx of refugees across the world’s largest land border. The Quebec government says the growth is limiting its ability to accommodate people and provide basic services.

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