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Canada stabbings: Here's what we know to continue the hunt for suspects


Canadian authorities are still searching for two suspects in the Saskatchewan capital, nearly 24 hours after a stabbing in a nearby Aboriginal community that killed 10, At least 15 people were injured in one of the worst attacks in the country’s recent history.

Damian Sanderson (left) and Miles Sanderson were identified as stabbing suspects.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Key Facts

Police say they are looking for two The suspects: Damian Sanderson, 31, and Miles Sanderson, 30, are believed to be armed, dangerous, and hiding somewhere in the capital, Regina. to the authorities.

Police were notified of an incident in the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon community at 5.40am on Sunday In a stabbing attack, authorities said the suspect may have targeted some of the victims and stabbed others at random among 13 people. Crime scene.

Police issued a civil emergency alert and asked residents to shelter at home as they expanded their search to Nearly 200 miles south, the Saskatchewan capital, where the two suspects were last seen.

Crucial Quote

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said late Sunday that he ” Shocked and appalled by the horrific attack,” adding, “our condolences go out with everyone affected by this tragic violence and with the people of Saskatchewan.” He said those responsible for the “hateful attack” must be held accountable “totally brought to justice”.

Something we don’t know

The suspect’s motive. A statement from Aboriginal leaders suggested drugs may have played a role, with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Peoples, an organization representing 74 Aboriginal people in the province, saying the attacks were “the devastation we face when harmful illegal drugs invade our communities” . to Reuters. Authorities are investigating the relationship between the two suspects and whether they were known to police.

Surprising fact

The attack is the deadliest in Canada since the 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting that killed 22 one of the attacks. After the massacre, the country moved quickly to tighten gun control laws.

Key background

According to the BBC, two suspects may go door-to-door to carry out attacks in extremely remote locations, citing local reporters at the scene if. After the attack, multiple people were flown by helicopter to the province’s main hospital. James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon Village are located in central Saskatchewan. About 2,000 people live in the James Smith Cree National Monument, and about 200 in Weldon. The killings come as Canada faces a reckoning over abuses of Aboriginal people, including the discovery in 2021 of mass graves containing the remains of more than 1,000 people, most of them children, at three former boarding schools where Aboriginal children were forced to attend. According to the Canadian government, Aboriginal people make up about 5 per cent of Canada’s population, but are twice as likely to experience violence as non-Aboriginal people.

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