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Canada's Conservatives pick populists to overthrow Trudeau's Liberals

Steve Scherer

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s Conservative Party on Saturday picked Pierre Poilievre, a senior MP who advocates bitcoin as a way to fight inflation, to spearhead the push The party toppled the Liberals and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Poilievre, 43 won the leadership in the first round of ranking voting, which surpassed 400 , Members vote. Poilievre became the sixth Conservative leader since 2015 during which they lost three elections to Trudeau.

Poilievre beat his arch-rival Jean Charest, the former Quebec prime minister and three others in a campaign slamming Trudeau and the central banker for failing to rein in soaring inflation political campaign. One less of a new government that puts you first – your salary, your retirement, your home, your country,” Poilievre said in his victory speech.

In Weeks After the death of the four queens, the party played down what had been planned for months and began with a minute’s silence for her. Earlier Saturday, Canada announced Charles as king in a formal ceremony.

As the former British A member of the British Commonwealth of empires, the monarch is Canada’s official head of state.

Poilievre was 43 first seated in parliament before he 25 Days after his birthday, he represented a suburb that included parts of Ottawa. He served as minister for democratic reforms, then jobs and social development until Trudeau 50 Inaugurated at 2015.

While the new Conservative leader is well known in Ottawa, he is a regular in Parliament China has sharply criticized Trudeau and his government, but he must now raise his profile in the rest of Canada.

He should have plenty of time. Trudeau gets left-wing NDP Support, which means election may be delayed 2025. Pollsters say Poilievre will be a formidable opponent, especially if Trudeau runs for a fourth time. Poll of Poilievre and Trudeau Shachi Kurl, president of the investigative firm Angus Reid Institute, said.

In February, Poilievre supported protesters who blocked border crossings and paralyzed downtown Ottawa for three weeks in protest against Trudeau and his COVID-19 Vaccine policy.

Poilievre will also fire Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem as one of his key campaign promises, accusing the central bank of Pandemic bond purchases sparked price gains.

Former Tory leader, who stepped down in February, tried to bring the party to the political center and refused to accept it entirely The protesters.

Poilievre “represents…the deep soul of the Conservative Party today,” Cool said.



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