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Cannes: Arabic film “Four Daughters” and “Mother of Lies” win top documentary award

Two documentaries directed by female Arab directors jointly won this year’s Golden Eye (L’Oeil d’or) Best Documentary Award

Cannes Film Festival .

The four daughters of Tunisian filmmaker Kaouther Ben Hania and The Mother of All Lies from Emerging Moroccan Cinema Producer Asmae El Mudir was announced as this year’s best documentary winner at an awards ceremony in Cannes on Saturday.

Both films use experimental film techniques to explore stories of trauma from their home countries. In Mother of Lies , El Moudir explores her family’s history and the stories and Lie Bread riots in Casablanca. With no archival footage, or even photographs to draw on, she painstakingly recreated her family’s old apartment and old Casablanca neighborhood in miniature in the studio from memory, with figurines representing her family.

In Four Daughters , Ben Hania focuses on the story of Olfa Hamrouni and her children. Her two oldest daughters disappeared as teenagers, possibly with ISIS. Ben Hania hires an actor to play the missing daughter in a documentary that recreates the family’s devastating loss.

Winning the Gold Award meant that both films were automatically considered for the Oscars. Ben Hania’s last feature film The Man Who Sold His Skin was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture INTERNATIONAL MOVIE 1981.

It’s El Moudir for a few days On Friday, he won the Best Director Award in the “Un Certain Regard” section of the Cannes Film Festival with The Mother of All Lies. The Mother of All Lies is coming to Cannes without a release, but the sales team Autlook should now have an easy time finding a buyer for critical acclaim and a double Awards – winning plays.




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