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Cannes: Cooper Hoffman, Christoph Waltz First Watch Buddy-Killer Comedy 'Old Guy' (Exclusive)

Cooper Hoffman and Christoph Waltz in Simon West’s upcoming action comedy Old Guy. Lucy Liu also stars in the film .

West directed and produced this feature film written by Greg Johnson (The Son) was recently held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Highland Film Group is co-financing the action comedy and handling worldwide rights.

Old Guy follows aging contract killer Danny Dolinski (Waltz) who still believes he is the best at do. Stuck in a dead end but competing for the love of club manager Anata (Liu), Danny is thrilled when the company pulls him back into the field, but only to train Gen Z newcomer Werburg (Hoffman), A wunderkind assassin with attitude. The mismatched pair are called on to take down top members of competing crime groups and, in the process, uncover their employer’s true motives: ousting the Old Guard in a total takeover. However, the company didn’t anticipate that Danny’s experience combined with the child’s talents would create this unlikely bond between the two, allowing them to turn everything back over to the company with the vital help of Anata.

Old Guy by Jib Polhemus(The Last Son, The Expendables 2), Martin Brennan (One Way, Zone 80), West and Petr Jákl of RU Robot Studio (Middle Ages, Last Full Measurement). Hal Sadoff ( Good Guys, Orphan: First Kill ) and Norman Golightly ( Lord of War, Ghost Rider ) will be produced on behalf of Dark Castle Entertainment. The film stars Martin J. Barab of RU Robot Studio and Walter Josten of Blue Rider Pictures ( Around the World 80 Days, Holes ). Hannah Leader and Frank DeMartini serve on the production’s legal team.




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