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Cannes Film Festival: Diane Keaton to star in comedy 'Arthur's Whiskey' alongside Patricia Hodge, David Harwood

Oscar Winner Diane Keaton , Olivier Award Winner Patricia Hodge, Homeland Security Star David Heywood, and musical icon

Boy George as legendary singer Lulu and 1980 ) joins the cast of the upcoming comedian Arthur’s Whiskey.

Presented by Arclight at

Cannes ‘ Marche du Film, this The film was recently directed by British filmmaker Stephen Cookson from a script by Alexis Ziegman, with Hayley Mills (The Parent Trap ), Bill Patterson (House of the Dragon), Adil Ray ( Citizen Khan on the BBC )) and Lawrence Chaney (winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK).

Arthur’s Whiskey follows a woman named Joan, who, when her husband dies, She is shocked to discover that he has invented an elixir that makes the drinker look younger again. Sharing the film with her two friends, three women paint the town red, but soon discover they are no longer capable of youth in the modern world.

This film is by Cookson and Peter Keegan of CK Films ( Stanley A Man Of Variety, Brighton ) and Pippa Cross ( Chalet Girls , Made in Italy ). The film is executive produced by Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton, MEP Capital’s Andrew Kotliar and Matt Cohen, Worldmakr’s George Bennett, Sherborne Media’s Alastair Burlingham, Filmology’s Jack Christian, Sky’s Julia Stuart and Laura Grange, and Leighton Lloyd.

CK Films Production in association with CrossDay Productions, Arthur’s Whiskey Funded by Sky, MEP Capital, Arclight Films, Onsight , Sherborne Media and Filmology. The film will be shown at Sky Cinema in the UK and Ireland as Sky Original.

come true,” Cookson said. “She leads our fantastic cast, including Patricia Hodge, David Harwood, Hayley Mills, Bill Patterson, Adil Ray, Boy George and the iconic Lulu! ” 1980



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