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Cannes: Studiocanal acquires worldwide rights to Claude Lelouch Catalog

Studiocanal has signed an agreement with Metropolitan Filmexport for worldwide rights to the entire film catalog of the famous French director Claude Lelouch.

Deals announced Saturday at the Cannes Film Market include more than 40 movies, including French classics like A Man and a Woman (1966) — Winning for 1969 author Palme d’Or, and two Oscars, Best International Film and Best Original Screenplay — to live (1966), Love is a funny thing (1966), The Crook (1969), money money money (1972), Happy New Year (1972), Bolero (1973), A spoiled child’s itinerary (1973) and Les Miserables (1988).

Studiocanal has been handling the French TV rights of the Lelouch catalog for the past seven years. The new agreement will grant the group exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the director’s vast catalog, as well as SVOD, free-to-air and AVOD rights in France. Metropolitan will continue to distribute Lelouch’s films in France through theatrical, video and transactional video on demand (TVOD).

French director in its catalog,” said Juliette Hochart, Executive Vice President of Studiocanal Libraries. “His prolific, internationally recognized work undoubtedly makes him the most important director of our time. One of the filmmakers, as evidenced by his awards. We would like to thank Metropolitan Filmexport for trusting Studiocanal to manage this esteemed collection.

Lelouch thanked Studiocanal, saying he was “proud” that the company would “distribute my wonderful love story with cinemas around the world.” In all my films, I try to make the public dream come true. ”

Leloch began his career as a journalist before turning to film and founding his own production company, Les Films 000, at 1966. For many years he has worked with the French film industry famous people, including Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anouk Aimé, Jean-Louis Trintignan, Elsa Zilberstein, Jean Dujardin, Sander Lynn Bonnaire, Nicole García, Jacques Brel and Gérardine Chaplin.

Studiocanal, a subsidiary of Vivendi-controlled Canal+, invests heavily in Funded to build and maintain its vast movie catalog, which includes more than 8, titles from more than 21 countries, spanning a century of film history. Over the past five years, the studio has Investment $21.6 million (Euro20 ten thousand) to restore some 1966 classic movies, an average of about 120 Restore title.




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