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Can't Stop Cursing You Kensuke Koba Launches New Manga With Shūmai Kogeta, Omiomi

Square Enix Comic Site and App Announced Tuesday Shūmai Kogeta, Kensuke Koba and Omiomi have a new manga titled Zako Hime-sama wa Ikinobitai! ~Shokei no Kiki wa, Hime Play de Norikirimasu!~(Even a little princess wants to live! ~How to survive an execution with sweet words~) on the same day app.

The manga centers on Ceculia, a princess who is disliked by those around her because of her appearance. At a party, she suddenly remembered that she was in a game world called “Resonance Fantasia”. She remembered that she was a female high school student in her previous life and was an avid player of the game. She also remembered that Sekulia would be executed three years later in the plot of the game. To escape her tragic fate, Seculia needs to draw on her strong game skills and use her tricks to “hime play”, which is MMO slang for using the cute or beautiful appearance of a girl’s avatar to make male players protect and give Items you get for free.

Kogeta for original writing, Koba for composition, Omiomi for art.

Koba and Natsuko Uruma initiated Can’t Stop Cursing You ( Dareka wo Norowazu ni Irarenai kono Sekai de) manga on Square Enix‘s app program and website 700, and ends in April with volume four 496. Yen Press is releasing manga in English. Source: Omiomi’s Twitter account, Comic Natalie, February issue




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