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Cardano founder reveals new date for upcoming Vasil hard fork

  • Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson announces new schedule for Vasil hard fork upgrade
  • Hoskinson shared that if the network doesn’t support the new update, the Any further issues encountered with the September release.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has revealed new details about the much-anticipated Vasil hard fork upgrade. The IOHK co-founder revealed that the upcoming hard fork could be released as early as September 2022.

Hoskinson announces new date for upcoming Vasil upgrade

In a new video update, Charles Hoskinson announced a new timeline for the upcoming Vasil hard fork upgrade, adding, The update can be released as early as September 2022, provided the team does not encounter additional issues or roadblocks.

“So sometime in September, unless something is found, or we’ve got a big slowdown somewhere, it’s going to look like this .” Hoskinson later shared. “So unless something is found, or we have a big slowdown somewhere, it’s going to be sometime in September.” Hoskinson later shared, “So sometime in September, unless it’s found. What, or we had a big slowdown somewhere, otherwise it looks like this,” Hoskinson later shared.

The IOHK team earlier tweeted a progress report on the Vasil hard fork, informing how the network is currently joining the exchange. According to IOHK, nearly 40% of SPOs have been updated. The thread also informed how cryptocurrency exchange Binance has already started upgrading its nodes to deploy the upcoming fork.

In the video update, Huo Skinson further added that Binance has upgraded Cardano by 30-40% of total trading volume, followed by other central exchanges such as Kraken and Coinbase.

“So the next major upgrade is to get exchanges involved. Binance reports that they are currently upgrading. By volume, I think they account for about Cardano 30-40% of the trading volume. Besides that, Kraken and Coinbase etc. tend to follow.” Hoskinson shared

At the back of the video, Hoskinson It also said that once 75% of SPOs are upgraded to the latest 1.35.3 version, with leading exchanges following suit, the team will then be able to announce a confirmed date for the launch of the hard fork.

“Typically, after the hard fork date is announced, you see a huge crowd of people rushing past. So what might happen is that once we reach Gold 75% SPO (Stake Pool Operator) and 3 to 5 major exchanges in terms of volume, the top 3 or 5 will upgrade or are in the process of upgrading, a hard fork date will be set. Then the rest of the exchanges feel Urgent, they start upgrading, otherwise it’s really hard to get them. They tend to need a little push.” Hoskinson said

Vasil hard fork is called Core Crypto One of the events designed to bring major advancements to the existing Cardano ecosystem. The fork will essentially improve the functionality of the entire network while enhancing the development of smart contracts and DApps.



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