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Cardano Hard Fork Upgrade Coming In September, Will ADA Price Hit $1?

THiCardanoinformation Cardano Blockchain Network Followers: 0 View profile The developers are working on a Vasil hard fork update.

Meanwhile, the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinsoninformation Charles Hoskinson CEO at IOG Charles Hoskinson is a passionate entrepreneur and one of the richest software developers in the world. His creation Ethereum touched the heights of the sky in the crypto market. Charles lives in the US and belongs to a family of doctors, but since he was interested in the nascent crypto space from the beginning, he decided to focus on finance instead of medicine. Charles was named one of the 40 Most Influential People of 2021 by Yahoo Finance. He started his career in 2013 as a business consultant, but quit his job to dabble in crypto while starting a project called Bitcoin Education. Later, Hoskinson joined the Ethereum founding team and became one of the five original founders of Vitalik Buterin, who served as Ethereum’s CEO. In 2014, Hoskinson and former Ethereum colleague Jeremy Wood founded Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), an engineering and research firm building cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Hoskinson and IOHK sponsored research labs focused on blockchain technology at the University of Edinburgh and Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2017. [email protected] EntrepreneurInvestor Followers: 0 checking data , the upgrade date for Vasil Hard Fork has been hinted at, If all goes according to plan, it will most likely happen in September.

According to the report, IOHK stated that no critical bugs or hard fork blockages were found, only minor bugs in Sev4 or Sev5 remained in the backlog.

Get, Set, Test, Go!

Charles Hoskinson said in an August 26 video that he expects the Vasil Hard Fork upgrade to take place in September.

Working with the Cardano community to reach consensus, IOHK will work with Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) to get updates around them as well.

Charles recently refuted claims that Cardano’s testnet was catastrophically destroyed, meaning they will eventually go ahead with the Vasil hard fork. As the developers test against the 1.35.3 node, there are no major bugs other than other bugs in the backlog, which are also minor bugs.

” Things are moving fast and the community and we are still doing extensive testing and in-scenario, so all the infrastructure looks good. “

According to the report, the team is testing integration with the community and will soon be considering SPO preparations After the work, agree on a final date.

Also, yesterday, Cardano developer Adam Dean confirmed that the Vasil hard fork may come much earlier than expected. Exchange to be integrated

As the developers are still working on the integration process of the exchange, the Cardano wallet configuration and Nix docker setup will be done before then.

IOHK attaches great importance to the exchange of the ecosystem and said that the upgrade process will not be carried out until the platform holding 80% liquidity is launched. Soon, the transaction All will be required to upgrade to 1.35.3 to provide liquidity.

Once the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges upgrade to 1.35.3 and top dApps report successful testing of node 1.35.3, IOHK will announce hard The final date of the fork. Binanceinformation Binance [email protected] Centralized Exchanges Followers: 0 View profile contributes about 30%-40% to Cardano trading volume, has announced an upgrade to 1.35 .3.

In epoch 359, about 53% of mainnet block production came from SPO running on 1.35.3 nodes. 75% of block production comes from SPOs running 1.35.3 nodes to fork on the Cardano mainnet.

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