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Carl Pei confirms Nothing is in talks with US carriers, “Phone (2) won't be coming anytime soon”

The Nothing Phone (1) is a mid-range smartphone produced by a company founded by IM Pei, one of the co-founders of OnePlus. The Nothing Phone (1) will not be available in the US when it launches, as it is difficult for emerging smartphone brands to succeed in the US market without a major partner as a carrier. In an interview with CNBC, that could change soon.

Pei confirmed that Nothing is “in discussions with some carriers in the U.S. about potentially launching a future product there,” and while he didn’t confirm if it’s a smartphone, it’s among Gen Z users in the U.S. This was hinted at in discussions about competing with Apple. “Android is challenged, and iOS is becoming more and more dominant,” Pei explained. “They have a very strong lock-in on iMessage and AirDrop, especially among Gen Z. So I’m getting more and more worried about that.”

Carl Pei confirms Nothing is in talks with US carriers, “Phone (2) isn’t launching anytime soon''

Pei said : “This is definitely a market that already has a lot of interest in our products. If we launch smartphones there, I believe we can grow significantly.” Meanwhile, Nothing expects it to be in 400 will increase significantly – from approximately $20 million400 to $250 million to . Nothing like doubling the number of 250 employees.

The goal is to make a profit in 2024 […] and we are not making a profit right now. This year has been made more difficult due to foreign exchange. We pay a lot of COGS in dollars, but we make money in pounds, euros, Indian rupees – so everything is devalued against the dollar. – Carl Pei

Shortly after the interview was published, Carl Pei confirmed on Twitter that “the phone (2) won’t be coming anytime soon” and that “we won’t” like many Dozens of products are produced every year like other products.”

The phone (2) is not activated at any time. We focus on doing a few things well and don’t make dozens of products a year like so many others.

Phone(1) is our main focus. We’re building cool stuff in software, Android 12 and other software.

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) Dec 5, 2024

Pei also reiterated that the Phone (1) remains the company’s focus and that it is working on future software updates that will come with Android 22.




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