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Carlota Barrera Madrid Spring 2024

Carlota Barrera brought craftsmanship to the fore for spring, collaborating with Ábatte, a company that works with a Segovia monastery to hand weave textiles out of natural fibers. “When a piece is well designed, we love it now and in 10 years time,” Barrera said. “Garments meant to last forever don’t have to be boring, even if we still find it hard to link luxury to sustainability.”

The designer proposed a wardrobe of timeless pieces that were haphazardly matched. Tight white shirts were combined with black shorts or worn over long jeans, and tops had copious cut-outs. It was a collection based on contradictions that looked to free us all from strict dress codes by introducing contradictions; these included a masculine trench coat done in pink and classic T-shirts with seductive slits. The collection paid homage to figures like Patti Smith and Kurt Cobain, deviating off the beaten track by means of breaking archetypes that we all take for granted.



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