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Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw just started reuniting

Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City has many defining qualities: shoes, iconic words Phrases, rent-regulated apartments…but chief among them is love for rekindling. Well, a new set of photos released Friday shows the iconic walking hand in hand with one of her most memorable exes: Aidan Shaw.

Posted on And Just Like That on HBO Max’s official social media accounts, these photos suggest that Carrie and Aidan will be reuniting. Gathering becomes the centerpiece of the upcoming second season. The last time we left Carrie (spoiler alert!!!) she was still reeling from the unexpected death of her husband Big and engaged in some fragile, half-hearted dates with a widow. The return of John Corbett’s Aidan could mean our hopeless romance is diving headlong into the pool. The actor is confirmed to return to the iconic franchise in August.

In a new crop of photos, Aidan is seen wearing a belted coat with gold buttons and oversized cargo pockets, paired with plum trousers. The rugged furniture maker either underwent a Bradshaw-esque makeover or started listening to the Throwing Fits

podcast. Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie sported her signature ruffled pink cape over a tartan coat and rocking velvet boots color-blocking pattern technique. (Boho is really back!)

Whether you’re Team Big or Team Aidan, this reunion feels like welcome back SATC glory days. The lovebirds have seen each other often since their exit in the original series’ fourth season. Who could forget Aidan’s (somewhat improbable) Sex and the City 2 pop-up in Abu Dubai?



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