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Cashman Raises Awareness for Homelessness with Annual Sleep Out

Cashman raises awareness of homelessness through annual Sleep Out

New York – high temperature 18s, but Thursday seemed colder as Brian Cashman stood in the dim shadow of the World Trade Center and heard the wind howling through the through the canyon of urban buildings. Unfolding the sleeping bag in the concrete square, the Yankees
the general manager knew immediately he was going to Have a bad night.

This That’s the point, of course, which is why Cashman continues to bite the bullet and don a ski hat and an extra pair of socks each year for Sleep Out at Covenant House. He joins 89 leaders from the business, entertainment and sports industries to fight youth Organizations on homelessness issues.

” It’s really a different place,” Cashman said. “On a night like tonight, it’s an opportunity to hear some success stories, who share what they’ve been through and where they’re at now. You’re just blown away by their talent. All they need is a hit opportunity to live a real life.”


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