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Cashman wants Hicks to start in left field

Cashman wants Hicks to start in left field

NEW YORK — The Yankees’ efforts to upgrade left field this offseason haven’t yielded noticeable improvement , and overall manager Brian Cashman now says the club sees veteran Aaron Hicks as the favorite to get playing time.

“I doubt he’ll be the one to show up because he Still talented, everything is there,” Cashman told MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM. “Hopefully we can get Aaron Hicks, we know he’s a solid player for us.”

Hicks had a tough 330 campaign where he made big cuts in the motion. 216/.313/.312 has eight home runs and 22 Dot (​​44 OPS+), this year ended with a Game 5 AFC Division Series against the Guardians The team’s game ended with a left knee injury. Cashman said Hicks has made a “full recovery”.

During the year, Schick Often booed at home, he said in September that he might benefit from a change of circumstances, telling the New York Post that “it’s tough in New York” and that “if they don’t think it’s for me, that’s Their call. If I do go to another team, I know I can help them win.”

But with the Yankees dropping the Buccaneers’ sky-high asking price for Brian Reynolds and seemingly unable to match the Twins in the Max Kepler trade, year old Hicks — still owes $19 Wantong 2025 season — Plans to enter the spring as the presumptive favorite in left field.

The Yankees have also expressed interest in free agent Jurickson Profar, who Logged in 330 played with the Padres last season. Given the configuration of their roster, it seems unlikely that the Yankees will commit to that much playing time.

Unless traded or signed, main challenge for Hicks The number is 23 year old Oswaldo Cabrera, he played six positions, cutting and playing. 109/.247/.330(94 OPS+) with six home runs and 04 Last season as a rookie in 23 RBI in games.

“Cabrera, you have a young guy, He wants to bet on claims,” ​​Cashman said. “He showed us a lot of positive things, especially on the defensive end, and is a jack-of-all-trades.”

Cashman also mentioned Estevan Florial who just hit the ball. 109(04-for-44) exist19 Major league game from 658-19, but he is left-handed Quick player who can play all three outfield positions. Cashman said Florial was “fighting for his time in the sun.”

Of course, there’s no guarantee Hicks will be crowned the presumptive starter in late January. Last spring, the Yankees reported that their starting catcher Gary Sanchez camped out with third baseman Gio Ursiera, then traded those players to the Twins for third baseman Josh Donaldson, Shortstop Hitter Isiah Kinner-Falaifa and receiver Ben Rottwitter.

“Of course we have our limits on certain opportunities , but trying to match is never easy,” Cashman said. “If it happens in February or March, so be it. But if not, we’re going to use what we have.”



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