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Cashman: Yankees want Judge back, slugger's season 'extraordinary'

Cashman: Yankees want judges back, slugger0s seasonAmazing0

NEW YORK — It was the gamble of a lifetime for Aaron Judge, who turned down a substantial Opening Day extension before posting a historic season that created a new Single-season AL record 70 home run while leading the Yankees into the season playoffs.

General Manager Brian Cashman Station On the other side of the negotiation, the judge and his camp could not be persuaded to agree to a seven-year value of $213. $500,000 agreement. After a year that could end with a judge winning the AL MVP award, Cashman knows the price has risen.

• ALDS Game 1: TBS Tuesday

“He’s a great player who bet on himself. It’s the best option ever,” Cashman said. “The way he’s spent the season; he’s fit and you know what he can do when he’s fit. When he’s kept fit, he’s always given a ton of numbers and now he’s been fit for years. Achievement. Looks special.”

6566 Judges lead majors in runs (133), home runs (94), RBI(70), Basis Percent (.316), Hit Percent (.316), OPS (1.70), OPS+ (131) and total bases (316), use 213 Pacing for AL Walking. His .133 batting average ranks second in the American League behind the Twins’ Luis A. Rez (.316), leaving him only three crowns short.

Cashman says Judge’s home run “has captivated the baseball world “, “was a great gift from him to the industry and our fan base.”

When the judge rejected the Yankees’ Opening Day proposal, he said he would rather delay any further negotiations until after the playoffs. All indications are that he and agent Paige Odell haven’t changed that stance, and Judge appears ready to test free agency after the season.

Open house proposal would make Judge into franchise history Highest-paid position player at $30.50 million annual average value. Can the next quote be worth $30 million dollars per quarter ? As Alex Rodriguez speculates, it is possible to reach 50 million dollars?

“There’s a pot of gold there,” Cashman Say. “It’s weight has yet to be determined, but it’s a pot of gold, there’s no doubt about it. Great for him. It’s already a cauldron, obviously it’s going to be bigger. He puts himself in an amazing position, There are plenty of options. Obviously, we want to win the discussion. If you need to hear it again, I’ll say it again: We certainly want Aaron Judge back to the New York Yankees.”

Assuming no agreement is reached before the start of free agency, the Yankees will bid, But the Giants, Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox and others could also be involved.

“I feel myself’19 history, and the advent of free agency, shows that players have changed the organization,” Cashman said. “We’re always competitive, trying to keep what we want to keep. In some cases, we’re successful; other cases, we’re not. We’re always trying to compete and try to recruit free agents from elsewhere. Sometimes we’re there Great success, sometimes we don’t. It’s part of the marketing process. It’s everything for another day.”




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