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Cassidy: Expanding DTM tire allocation will allow 'fashionable tactics'

The DTM Sport Rules allow teams to use four tire sets per weekend (five for new entrants), Article 35.2.b states that three of them can only be used in two 20-minute qualifying sessions and races.

With tires having to be changed mid-race in both races, pit-stop strategies tend to converge early in the pit window in order to maintain starts later in the weekend – rather than running close 50:50 minutes.

The fourth set of new tires is only allowed in Friday’s practice session, except for the previous race’s maximum of three carryover sets. Before this year, carry-over kits could only be used in practice.

Cassidy says limited tire allocation means drivers run hard throughout the race, battling for points and facing a disadvantage in the second race each weekend

The New Zealander finished seventh in a fog-delayed race at the Nurburgring on Saturday before being reversed by Maro Engel in the race two minutes before the safety car, just before the pit window opened and forced him to give up the rest of the new when equipped.

Cassidy, who eventually retired after being injured after further contact, told TV crews about his “painful” race immediately after the race: “In this championship, you get three sets of tires ; To finish yesterday’s race you have to use two, which means yesterday’s top 10 are in trouble today. [After the safety car] Very used set, the race is almost over.”

Nick Cassidy, AF Corse

Nick Cassidy, AF Corse

Photo by DTM

In an interview with, Cassidy elaborated on his comments, stating: “There was a safety car on the fifth lap, and then I switched to all the races yesterday. tires, 20 laps looks stupid.

“Some people just saved one set yesterday and didn’t finish, and then they had two sets today, I don’t think it’s entirely fair.

“I think if we had more flexibility there, it would be really great offense for both days.”

Cassidy said he believed in passing Creating more strategic changes to address this “could make the game better”.

“Not only that, but it means most people start using old tires and old tires as soon as the pit window opens in race two because the tires are so bad,” he continued.

“I feel like this limits our strategy options to everyone a lot, starting from the first game, especially the second game.

“If we With more freedom, we can get some trendier strategies.

Speaking on the same topic at, SSR Porsche driver Laurens Vanthoor said: “It’s the same for everyone, it’s the same for the entire field. This is part of the strategy.

“The only thing that’s not fun is that you see the car parked on it, there’s no reason to save tires for the next race. That’s the only thing that should be avoided on the show.

“But as part of the number of tires available, it’s the same for everyone.

“Sure, I’d like to buy a few more [sets], fresher rubber every now and then, but in the end the rules are the same for all of us.”

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