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CBS and Sony in talks for 'SWAT'

May 2017, Sony Pictures Television to NBC 50Percent OwnershipShareTimelessAcquire Shawn Ryan is in production for a second season after the broadcast network unexpectedly decided to cancel the time travel series. Fast forward six years to Sony — Ryan has been an indie studio based on blockbuster deals ever since 2017 — The prolific showrunner is back in the fray to save another show: CBS’


Negotiations on SWAT are a bit different compared to Timeless. First off, Sony owned Timeless outright when NBC decided to cancel the series after a single season. The studio, then overseen by execs Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, sacrificed most of its profits to keep Timeless in the studio when it invited NBC Rival Universal Television aired as co-producer.

and SWAT sources say renewal discussions started months ago A while back, Katherine Pope , then Sony TV executive who took over the studio after leaving Charter Communications last summer, called the co-producers of CBS and CBS Studios to let them know It is believed that Sony will not be able to reduce the license fee for the sixth season below the current level. Since SWAT is already a co-production between CBS Studios and Sony, that means CBS has to increase its payments to Sony to keep the Shemar Moore-led reboot24 The seventh season of the series of the same name aired.

Meanwhile, CBS has been focused on reducing spending on its scripted programming as broadcasting continues to decline. The cast and creatives of Blue Bloods produced by CBS Studios accepted percent pay cut to renew its Season 1 and keep hundreds of employees employed in the Tom Selleck-led program. The Bob Hearts Abishola produced by Warner Bros. Television has reduced its regular cast for all but two lead roles, helping cut the budget paid by CBS and Fee to Warner Bros. Television for a Chuck Lore comedy. Fox also pooh-poohed the $9 million per episode licensing fee Ryan Murphy produced 15. Instead, ABC — whose 24th Television studio produces the show — picked the drama. (Fox changed to update 24: Lone Star because it costs an estimated $3 million less per episode than the flagship series.)

Sources say Sony’s Pope wants to stop Sony in SWAT bleeding.

“Then it became a game of chicken,” said one who knew the surrounding SWAT Negotiating source told The Hollywood Reporter .

MESSAGE Sources say CBS Studios wants SWAT

to take over one of the original scripts, putting pressure on Sony and CBS to make a decision. Instead, executives at Paramount Worldwide, which owns the broadcast network and CBS Studios, want Sony to try and buy SWAT to other outlets, expecting the series Nobody will, and independent studios will accept CBS’s offer for a flat licensing fee.

The economics are completely different,” Ryan told the Hollywood Reporter podcast TV’s Top 5 in late March Nashbridges when asked if broadcast television is still the place where prolific presenters first made their mark on shows like CBS. “Now, Whether SWAT will be cast for season 7 is up in the air, it has nothing to do with ratings. You will never see this happen years ago. SWAT was third on CBS’s demo; there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be watching the show other than the business economics are changing. CBS and Sony will or will not figure out a way to economically produce a seventh season. “

A few weeks later, CBS executives contacted Sony to propose an increase in the show’s licensing fee, the first in years, but only Limited to abbreviated version -Season, Sony execs ultimately decided the network’s offer wasn’t good enough, the source said. “It’s an improvement, but not enough,” the source said.

CBS finally told Sony that it would announce SWAT cancellation after six seasons, making sure the studio had enough time to notify the cast and creatives. Moore’s slammed the decision on social media, with sources claiming that Ryan was also furious when he learned of the cancellation from the media. “Shawn didn’t know there was an offer from [CBS], and Sony did.” Nobody went to the producers to ask if they could do this 13 The number of episodes proposed by CBS,” the source said.

Angry Ryan then went straight to CBS execs, at which point He learned that Sony rejected CBS’s offer to shorten the season without even calling him to discuss it.

“Shawn Ryan is the best man on the planet One of the showrunners, he knows how to squeeze budgets better than anyone,” said another source. Sony is speculated to have turned down the CBS offer after negotiating with Ryan, who also delivered Netflix’s Night Shift Agent . That did not happen, sources say. Ryan eventually informed CBS that, in fact, he could Provided – SWAT A agreement renewal it Seventh and final season.

“I” My time at Sony changed dramatically after Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht pulled me there. They said, ‘We want you to do whatever you want; Get a broadcast,'” Ryan shared on TV’s Top 5. ” They target CBS because in 1975, if you have CSI, NCIS or Criminal Minds, this is a gold mine. We tried Last Resort,Beverly Hills Cop then gave them their hit with SWAT, It’s not a gold mine now, it was 14 A show a few years ago and an episode on CBS. Now [Sony] really wants to get into streaming. My contract The incentives are more selling to anchors than broadcasting. So, working in an indie studio has always been a challenge, but I’ve enjoyed it. It’s hard to sell to these places from outside studios; it’s hard to get out there and be They want lagging shows. Having said that, you have to be better than what they make in-house.”

and SWAT will have the opportunity to end its story on its own In other words, CBS’ decision to revive the show has a direct impact on rookie show East New York. After CBS initially canceled SWAT, sources say the network is sending the East New York Producer Warner Bros. TV offers a similar 1235359703 – Seasons of episodes that were supposed to have reduced licensing fees. In the end, CBS teamed up with SWAT , it’s not clear if Warner is willing to accept the reduced fee – CANCEL East New York.

As for the rest 2011-15 lineup, CBS just placed a series order for a new shoot Matlock starring Kathy Bates and third show in Robert and Michelle King’s Good series, Elsbeth, starring Carrie Preston. Comedy Daddy’s Home and Justin Hartley-led drama Tracker also got orders (the latter in pilot Developed by Ji 2017). These three dramas and one comedy will fill CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles, and the East New York and True Lies cancelled.

In a sign that ownership still matters, CBS owns or co-produces all but two of the shows planned for next season as Warner Bros. Television Not co-produced from comedy lead Chuck Lorre (Young Sheldon, Bob Hearts Abishola).

Reps declined to comment on CBS and Sony Pictures Television.




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