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Cecily Waud and Lance Scott Host a Fashion Gala to Celebrate LC Studio in Dallas

Only Waud can create a drinking game by purchasing Luisa Beccaria cocktail glasses and sterling silver ping pong balls. Bright bay windows are combined with navy-painted walls painted in a subtle gradient that blends into the cosmopolitan metropolis and satisfies a sense of comfort without trying too hard. Of course, this pair of custom sconces that double as artwork anchors the space. Platinum leaf paneling at the rear of the bar also adds a sexy yet understated reflective finish. Other highlights include vintage accessories from Maison Gerard, especially the mushroom side table, which are equally down-to-earth and secluded.

Tequila ping pong game. Photographed by Nathan Schroeder.

To celebrate the start of the design duo’s journey, Waud and Scott gathered friends, family and fashionistas for a decadent dinner at The Joule. Co-hosted by Architectural Digest Marketing Director Madeline O’Malley, the evening attracted a number of guests including Alex Papachristidis, Holly Moore, Jonathan Savage, Bob Brown Celebrities, Jamie Drake, Billy Fong, Brian Bolke, Chad Dorsey, Nazira Handal and Jane Scott Hodges to name a few.

The dining room features three gorgeous tablescapes, each with its own color scheme. A velvet napkin is an elegant touch that complements a rich floral centerpiece. Before serving the first course, O’Malley got up and said a few words. “I’m honored to be here to support the great designers in the room. I want to cheer to Cecily and Lance. It’s incredible to see the industry come together to support emerging talent and that’s what tonight is all about Content.”

On the menu, a seasonal tomato tart served cod before the filleted entree. On either side of the room, martini and margarita carts crave refreshing drinks all night. The evening is the perfect social extension for LC Studio dreamers. Just like the designer himself, it’s vibrant and wonderful. “We have a background in delivering well-planned and highly elevated interiors, but there’s always a cool and fun vibe to it,” explained Scott.

Said we were happy to see The next thing LC Studio does will be an understatement.



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