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Celebrity Stylist Dani Michelle Launches a Jewelry Line Backed on Ear, Neck, and Hand Stacks

To dive into the Méga universe, Michelle shows her jewelry styled on models as if they were her own clients. Think: tap for credits, but it is all Méga jewelry. On her website, she’s built out three personalities: Stella, Kate, and Brody. (Michelle notes that she will develop more Méga personalities in the future.) Brody, who Michelle considers her “classic” style girl, wears an ear stack composed of earrings such as the hulking step, a ridged speedy, and finally a petite two-crystal-stud double round. Stella veers more “West Coast cool effortlessly chic”, and wears a sturdy omega necklace with a triangle pendant. Meanwhile, Kate is Michelle’s “East Coast strong girl”, and opts for a watch–stylist’s own!–stacks of Méga rings that cascade across her hands and the label’s open cobra and small curb bracelets.

While many jewelry labels focus on highlighting single pieces, Michelle brought a stylists’ sensibility to her company. Michelle’s most major clients, like the aforementioned Jenner and Bieber, rarely wear head-to-toe full looks off the runway, but rather dress in a street style-friendly amalgamation of quality but relatively easy-to-wear clothes. It’s not a secret that whatever Michelle’s clients wear will sell out, that the credits will be rabidly sought after, or that the trends are replicated. Perhaps that is because Michelle understands the art of worldbuilding, and how everyday people seek to buy into that elevated world. “The excitement isn’t in the actual garment but it is in her whole entire message and each of these pieces are part of her story versus making her story,” says Michelle. Méga follows that same styling ethos: Everyone can purchase a pre-styled, cool girl jewelry stack courtesy of Michelle’s eye. “I really wanted to parlay my styling experience into it. I love what styling is; it’s finding balance in design and I think that making a ring stack is the same thing,” says Michelle. Just as she does with clothes, the stylist is looking to style jewelry on a hand, ear, or neckline.

Each Méga woman is a shining example of a cool girl that the customer can embody. “You are able to click into her world and buy her entire look. I hope you’re like, ‘I want that full stack on her finger and you buy her entire look.” says Michelle. “I’m really not asking you to buy a piece, I’m giving you the style and styling it for you. I’m hoping that someone can come into our world and walk away feeling styled in the jewelry space.”



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