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Chainsaw Man ‒ Episode 7

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Community Rating: 4.5

Never say in the false advertising deal because, if nothing else, “Taste of a Kiss” gave us What is written on the tin can. If our metric for grading this show is that it makes us regret eating snacks while watching, I have no choice but to give this episode a perfect score. Thankfully we don’t live in the horrible reality that we use barf bags instead of stars to quantify how we feel about anime, and that’s the same, because it turns out that every Other Scenes from Taste of a Kiss also bring benefits, which means added a seventh rank to its continuous tropics.

I know there is something about whether MAPPA The weighty and “realistic” family style is good for Tatsuki Fujimoto ‘s crazy aesthetic, and while I can totally understand why people might feel the anime’s approach is inappropriate for the material, “Taste of Kiss” is a perfect example of why MAPPA Marriage is working fine, at least as far as I’m concerned. Opening, Denji cashes in on his Promise to torture the Eternal Demon for three years by going wild on the monster’s guts

self-destruction for days in a row , brilliantly captured the Eau de Viscera is made true can sing. The combination of terrific character animation, Toya Kinosuke’s delightfully funny voice acting, and smooth camerawork has successfully sold us on the success of the series. Is there a version of this anime that utilizes crazy Day-Glo colors and hyper-stylized animation to the same effect? undoubtedly. Still, given how serious the series is about maintaining its “cinematic” sincerity, I’m more than happy to resonate with the direction MAPPA decided to go in

It is also important to note that

has always been as much an appeal as a reason behind all extreme violence, and this episode reminds us with another round of brilliantly deployed flashbacks. Denji’s Chainsaw Charleston isn’t just an excuse for empty spectacle; as Himeno himself knows all too well, a demon hunter’s life is largely defined by fear, trauma, and premature death after premature death. The only way to be “successful” at this is to keep the enemy from fearing their covetous power, and the only way to fight demons without fear is to remain slightly insane. Kind of unhinged.

Or, in Denji’s case, you can go all out And promise to be too fucking insane that even the worst emissaries of hell can’t handle the horrible power of your bullshit. Himeno can understand this. Maybe even a little

too much .

Yep time to talk about The Kiss for a second Many manga fans (including yours truly) have been eagerly anticipating, if only to see how well the anime can do in adapting such a crude and emotionally charged sequence of events. You’d be surprised to know that I did think the animation was well done again. The whole dinner process is great, with lots of fun little character moments interspersed with the tension as an increasingly drunk Himeno gets very friendly with her eager (and very underage) new co-worker. I won’t even waste time describing the actual (huh) details of Himeno spitting straight into Denji’s mouth, because the guy whose name I don’t remember said it best: “That was harrowing”.

Again, I just want to point out what makes objectively Disgusting and morally worrisome situation like this is so interesting is CSM‘s ability to connect the crudest, raunchiest moments with meaningful character beats. The flashback of Danji Jr. and Pochita berating a vomit-eating rat isn’t just a comical juxtaposition; meaningful human interaction. His booby-trapped groping and drool-swapping obsession is more than just a lecherous, straight-faced teenage boy. Denji may never know the soulful human touch before, Especially coming from any woman, so of course his stupid, traumatized brain will smash the lizard brain buttons and tip him down any path that makes him feel validated and human.

Even Himeno took Tian Zhi back to her apartment to get drunk His proposal is also more sad than exciting; the lady clearly loves Aki and is displeased with her partner’s thoughtfulness to Makima. Inappropriate dynamics and age gap aside, this moment between Denji and Himeno is a sensible way for the story to develop given the thematic threads of the entire episode. In order to be a demon hunter, you have to be a little (or a lot) broken. understand if it’s going to tell this totally bananas about A tale of chainsaw dudes and demon hunters battling eerie flesh demons, it has to acknowledge all the baggage that comes with such a job. It could be a little funny, and it could be a little sad. If

can continue to perfect the balance of those two tones, I bet we’ll be well taken care of.



of “Chu, Tayōsei”. It’s not just “In the Chamber of Secrets,” but it’s a close game. Also, I love using CRT filters for some pleasing retro visuals. Here’s another damn near-perfect ED for

. What the kids said Denji-est words! I’m giving Corbeni the best line of the week, not because of anything funny she said, but because she said something so profound true This blew me away: “There’s nothing like what other people pay for Drinks are better.”

• Speaking of Kobeni, because All the shit she got drinking toilet water nearly killed Aki, girly fashion sense. Or, at least, whether it’s her eight damn sisters ) Lending her this outfit tonight is stylish.

• Mentioning this isn’t actually a manga spoiler, but I guess Know how other fans of the manga feel about the show’s use of the “pixelated vomit” gag instead of depicting Himeno’s reflux in all of its brawny glory like Fujimoto did.

• Sound off in the comments, y’all, because I want to know : What is

your trauma-shaming first kiss story? I can tell you mine: I embarrassingly tried to kiss my first girlfriend while watching Requiem for a Dream (I’m not a bright boy) and then I got the worst leg cramps of my life and spent the better part of ten minutes writing on the floor , until my girlfriend’s little brother bought me a banana. After that, we dated for five years.

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