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Charli XCX's Coachella Wardrobe Is Full of “Resilience”

One of pop music’s hottest acts, Charli XCX made her first solo gig at Coachella this year – something that’s always been on the singer’s bucket list. “I’ve only been a guest of one other artist, so it felt special,” Charli told Vogue. “I feel like it’s time to do my own show there!” The star performed her hit dance tracks over two weekends at the annual festival. On the first weekend, she even brought along singer and friend Troye Sivan to perform their “1999” collaboration. “We’ve always had great chemistry, but I kind of felt like this time onstage at Coachella I wanted to flirt with him,” Charli joked. “It’s kind of unlikely because I’m not his type, you know?”

The superstar admits she was “really nervous” about her first set of the weekend “I don’t usually feel overly nervous before a show, but on the first Saturday morning, I woke up with a lump in my stomach,” she says. This healthy stress is welcome. “It was good actually—feeling scared and excited, like something was at stake. I enjoyed the rush.” ​​By the second weekend, however, Charli said she quickly got over all the on-stage nervousness , and brings it up. “I’m much more relaxed and it’s a completely different experience,” Charlie said. “I feel more comfortable – and the crowd is wilder.”

Of course, Charli had to bring fresh fashion to the main stage at Coachella. She has a specific style vision in mind. “I’m hoping to be tough both weekends,” Charlie said. “Clothes are armor in some ways, and I wanted that extra power. The looks were still sexy to them these two weekends, but essentially how I felt – bolder, tougher, more raw . Where we landed felt perfect.” It was also important to make sure the look was functional, adds stylist Chris Horan. “She’s been choreographing, so it’s been fun coming up with looks that help accentuate that,” he said. “Honestly though, she looks sexy.”

Photo: Terry O’Connor




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