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Charlie Hunnam on career pivot: 'I'll try to act only on what I write'

Charlie Hunnam known for his acting skills, played almost100 on FX’s an episode) of Sons of Anarchy and two dozen credits, ranging from hit series to blockbuster and indie variety films. But the actor said he fully intends to be called someone else soon.

Introducing screenwriter Charlie Hunnam.

“After Shantaram became a writer, I’m trying to work mostly full-time,” he told The Hollywood Reporter recently quoted his Apple TV+ series based on the epic novel by Gregory David Roberts.

With a warning: “I will never stop acting, but I will try to act only on what I write.”

He was one step ahead. Hunnam reports that he is working on a number of projects, including some story scripts and a miniseries he wrote and set in an undisclosed studio, as well as a TV show shot in his hometown of Newcastle, England, which is loosely based on the fact that he has The late father, a scrap metal dealer, and others he grew up with.

“I’m starting to gain some real traction, and I hope to unravel these things over the next few years.”

Shataram is now available on Apple TV+.

This story first appeared in the November 2 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Click here to subscribe.



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