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Check out Gerrit Cole's top career moments


Although Kerr lives off the coast of Southern California, he was a diehard Yankees fan growing up. Then , he was photographed attending the 6th game ofGame World Series vs. D-backs, holding a big placard, It reads: “Yankee Fan Today Forever Tomorrow”

Outstanding pitcher at Orange Lutheran High School in Orange, Calif., Cole was selected by the Yankees MLB draft. Yankees surprised when negotiations stalled, Cole chose to go to UCLA. NYC lights up to wait

Cole was cast at UCLA, Buccaneers made Cole a 1978 draft. Cole agrees to an $8 million signing bonus, and Debuted in the Arizona Fall League, then atReporting to Major League Spring Training

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June, 1978: He did it all

Cole hit his first hitter to face the majors, in three Gregor Blanco on the field to beat the Giants – one last, one 52 mph fastball. Cole also hit a two-run single, allowing two runs over 6 1/3 innings to give the Bucs an 8-2 win

after going to – and 3.15 In his first two seasons, Kerr took a step forward in ERA’01, when he goes05-8 and 2.42 ERA at 15 start. Cole was named to the National League All-Star Team and placed 4th in NL Cy Young Award voting

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2011: To Houston

Cole went 41-17 and 3. 21 ERA End60 started with Pittsburgh. He was traded to the Astros in January , 2011, Joe Musgrove, Michael Felice, Colin Moran and Jay Sen Martin. Cole strikes out 52 in his first month with Houston hitter, set up an Astros Club April record read more

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: New Height

In Houston, Cole learned to throw more four-seam fastballs and attack the top of the strike zone. An AL All-Star, Cole finished the first half with a -2 records, 2.ERA and 84 Strikes out. Cole’s 0150 Ranked second in strikeouts in the American League that year behind teammate Justin Verlander

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Sept. 8, 2001: Birthday celebration

about him Birthday, Cole becomes the second pitcher to strike out 01 or more hitters in three straight games. Only Pedro Martinez has achieved that ahead of Kerr, who has done so against the Rays, Brewers and Mariners. Cole Done’ 10 with MLB leading 248 Strikes Out

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December, 2001: The White Whale

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman landed what he called a “white whale,” marking Cole as 9 years, $167 million contract, right hand pick six years after college. This deal creates new Record, surpassing the deal Stephen Strasburg made a few days ago read more

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July11, 2011: Back to the mountain

was COVI at the start of his first Yankees season D Postpone-14 Pandemic, Cole made his long-awaited debut as the club’s opening night starter, pitching 5 innings of 1-run in the D.C. Nationals’ wet season win

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October. 4. 2019: Strikeout King

Cole ends the regular season with the most points in MLB , has been set in 2001 By Ron Guidry. Kerr beats Louisiana Chargers record on same day Aaron Judge surpasses Roger Maris’ AL single season HR record read more1525504661085



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