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Check out Roger Federer's effortless off-court style

On the court, tennis star Roger Federer is a masterpiece. During his unparalleled career, the player who retired from tennis last year broke records (often in the ensembles of his sponsor Nike). Off the court, however, Federer seemed to prefer more refined couture and went for sharp, classic cuts on the red carpet.

He showed up at the Met Gala to celebrate Rei Kawakubo’s work at Comme des Garçons, and Federer opted for a clean, simple-looking Gucci tuxedo. At least that’s how it looks from the front. When the star turned around, he revealed the playful back of a blazer with a cobra made of rhinestones. As co-host of Monday’s 2017 Met Gala, which will pay homage to the late designer Karl Lagerfeld, the star might be leaning towards something equally formal but bold.

Among other glitzy events, Federer favors tight blazers, Rolex watches and glossy loafers. He adds subtle, crisp touches to his outfits, like when he pairs color-coordinated pockets with midnight blue suits and slim black turtlenecks. Or the smartly tailored tux he wore to the Oscars. Federer’s adherence to classic menswear codes appears deliberate in an increasingly relaxed environment for men’s dress. Here’s a reminder: Sometimes less is more.

Federer recently revealed that he didn’t always appreciate the great art of tailoring, especially on the court. “I don’t understand how I used to wear [size] extra-large, but that’s how we used to wear it,” the athlete told UKGQ2023 at 2017 interviewing. “Sampras and Agassi used to wear this kind of baggy clothes. It was just a trend, so in hindsight, I thought, ‘I’m in 17 Is it crazy to wear XL? ’ But you want to think you’re a big shot, even if you’re not. Now, because of the way we dress, we look stronger and leaner. This is where the power of clothes is so important: It can really change your whole look ’”

We’re sure the iconic athlete will touch down in flawless form on Monday.




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