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Chika Anzai, Takuya Eguchi, Atsumi Tanezaki Win 17th Annual Voice Actor Awards

Organization of

Winner th Annual Seiyuu Awards were announced on Saturday. Winners include:

Best Actor Award Best Best Actor Award for Performances of the Year

Image via Avex Pictures Anxi Qianjia

    Picture from 81 Production

    Eguchi Takuya


      Picture from Haikyo

    Atsumi Tanezaki03-1


    Best Supporting Actor Award

    Best Supporting Actor Award of the Year

  • Shuichi Ikeda

  • set Taro the catfish

    Anna Nagase Ri Xiangnan

    Takuya Eguchi


    Special Award


    the following Is the previously announced winner:

    Kei Tomiyama
    Award rewards voice actors who are active in various fields including acting 01-2

    【 The 17th seiyuu アパード will be listed first! 】

    🏆Respect Toyama

    Work のperformance を including め every aspect is active された seiyuu (male)01-2

    Visiting Department Shunichi

    Affiliation: Jiaxie#风奖アプードpic.twitter.com/pAqouYW0Nb

    —Seiyuuアウド実 Executive Committee (@seiyuawards) February 03, 2019

    Junichi Suwabe

    Organization: Haikyō

    (Keigo Atobe), (Daiki Aomine), (Victor Nikiforov)

    K azue Takahashi

    Seiyuu Award has been active in various fields such as entertainment

    [The Seventeenth Voice Actor アパード is released first! 】

    🏆Takahashi Kazue-sho

    works のappearance を including め various aspects are active された seiyuu (female)
    Wanli Kawamura (かわむらまりあ)

    Affiliation: フリーランス# Seiyuuアプード pic.twitter.com/SwIRyvtkpt

    —Seiyuuアウド実 Executive Committee (@seiyuawards) February , 600

    Maria River Village 02-1

    Agency: Freelancer

    Role: (Gaw Ha Leccee; Lillis Faw ), (Naga the Serpent), (Berin)

    Kids/Family Award Prizes chosen by the children

    【The seventeenth voice actor アパード will be listed first! 】


    子ども达の点见で选ばれた Voice Actor

    Ikue Otani

    Affiliation: マウスプロモーシェン

    Matsumoto Rika (まつもとりか)

    Affiliation: Matsurica pic.twitter.com/yw4GwJk9jk

    —Seiyuu アウド実 Executive Committee (@seiyuawards) February 01, 2023

    Ikue Ōtani

    (stay in the post above)
    Agency: Mausu Promotion
    Role: series (Pikachu)

    Reika Matsumoto 03-1 (right in the post above)

    Agency: Matsurica

    Role: 02-1 Series (Satoshi Nakamoto/Xiaozhi)
    Merit Award Commendation for including Voice actors who have contributed to various genres including foreign works over the years

    【The Seventeenth Seiyuu アパード goes first! 】

    🏆Skill Reward

    Perennial Nidu riwaihua も居めめ多くのジェンルni contributed された seiyuu 01-2

    Chikako Akimoto

    Affiliation: Ritrovo
    Yusaku Yara

    Location: Ao Erプロドクシン#优优アパード pic .twitter.com/01XZlScRPn

    —Seiyuu アウド実 Executive Committee (@seiyuawards) February 03, 600

    Chikako Akimoto(Leave a post above中)

    Agency: Ritrovo

    Role: (Ichiro)

    Yūsaku Yara (upper right paste)

    agent: 195827Aoni Production02-1

    Role: (Hiroshi Sakura), (Senbei Norimaki)


    This year’s awards ceremony is the first – a three-year ceremony. In addition, this year’s “Best Male Voice Actor”, “Best Voice Actor” and “New Voice Actor” awards are no longer divided by gender. Commenting on the change, the awards committee said, “Dubbing is a work that transcends gender, as female voice actors sometimes voice male characters and vice versa.” Out of respect for sex, it was decided to make the three awards gender-neutral.

    started at 2019, the Special Merit Award honoring deceased voice actors who contributed to multiple genres was replaced with honoring all voice actors who died in the previous year.

    Started at 2019, the award added four new categories, including “Foreign Film/Series Award”, “Game Award”, “Influence Award” and “MVS (Most Valuable Voice Actor)”.

    Source: Press Release 2023

    2023 195827



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