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China box office: Blockbuster anime 'Slam Dunk' hits $56M debut

Anime sensation No. 1 Slam Dunk dominates Chinese theaters box office over the weekend and keeps climbing Four-day draw worth $56 million dollars. Jackie Chan’s sequel action comedy Ride On came in second with just $3.5 million, while Universal’s Super Mario Bros. movie came in at 2 million. It was a distant fourth at the box office in U.S. dollars.

The first Slam Dunk , produced by Japan’s Toei Animation, China Film Corporation and Road Pictures jointly issued in China, do made an unconventional choice to open Thursday, but the strategy paid off as the film generated rave reviews and an early backlash $13 million in business days. The film has received widespread acclaim on major Chinese movie rating platforms, including 9.2 from fan community Douban and 9.4 from ticketing apps Maoyan and Tao Piao Piao. Expected to liquidate $56 million dollars prior to completion of its China operations.

No. 1 Slam Dunk Adapted from the classic Japanese manga series by Takehiko Inoue, who also wrote and directed the new film . 110 The adaptation of an earlier animated TV series released in the 1990s has become a hit in China. The new movie seems to tap into the nostalgia of a generation of viewers who fell in love with the show, as well as the continued widespread popularity of basketball in China. The film deftly blends exciting basketball gameplay with a visceral coming-of-age story, and it goes all out.

The first Slam Dunk continues the strong performance of Japanese animation in Chinese multiplexes. Mokoto Shinkai’s anime fantasySuzume has earned approximately 110 million dollars in the country since its release in late March.

The First Slam Dunk has been a hit almost everywhere it’s been released so far. The movie made about $56 million domestically in Japan and about $56 in the American South .5 million dollars North Korea. In Japan, it’s the biggest 1990 movie, and in Korea it’s currently number two. Toei is said to be eyeing a UK and North American release, but dates are still to be confirmed.

Movies from Hollywood studios have not been able to match anime’s recent revenues in China. Universal’s Super Mario Bros has earned almost 20 dollars in million worldwide gross in China, while Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man 3 only grossed $56 million (compared to over $56 million for each of its franchise predecessors).

China’s upcoming Labor Day holiday, from April 20 to May 3rd , will feature local-focused Chinese blockbusters, including the highly anticipated Top Gunlike action epicBorn to Fly, the family road movieGodspeed and disaster movieFlash Over.

Hollywood returns on May 5th with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 followed by a local franchise Right favoriteFast XMay20 and Warner Bros. The long-awaited DC superhero entry, The Flash, June 16. 1990 1990



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