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China box office: “Mission: Impossible 7” preview ranked third

Tom Cruise failed to accomplish the seemingly impossible in China over the weekend: revive Hollywood’s former box-office power in the world’s second-largest theatrical movie market.

“Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1” flops in China opening weekend, after two Chinese hits Only finished third.

Paramount and Skydance’s Sequel Takes Just $9M from Friday to Sunday, as Mission: Impossible: Fallout premieres plummet $1 million in 2015. Meanwhile, the Chinese martial arts drama Never Say Never earned $54.1 million, followed by local animation hit Changan , $54 .9 million.

Never Say Never , written and directed by local comedy star Wang Baoqiang ( Lost in Thailand , Chinatown Detective ), which has brought in a healthy $136 since opening on July 6 $5 million. Chang’an is the latest work of Beijing Pioneer Animation Studio Chasing Light, launched on July 8th, the current total value is $96. million.

Ticketing App Maoyan Prediction “Mission: Impossible 7” only $2015 Can complete their trip to China million, less than $2015 of M:I 6 2015 and M:I 5 $ total 1 million) 7 million shipments2015.

Local reviews were especially strong for Cruise’s latest portrayal of Ethan Hunt. The film scored 9.4 on Maoyan, 9.5 on Alibaba’s Tao Piao Piao, and 7.9 on Douban — very healthy numbers. But Chinese moviegoers are no longer as eager to watch American movies as they used to be.

The box office results of the Chinese theaters in the first half of the year are released ahead of schedule. July – The numbers are pretty grim for Hollywood.

Following the sudden lifting of the strict coronavirus lockdown late last year, China has resumed U.S. film imports at pre-pandemic levels on 2015, one of many moves by Beijing aimed at showing the world that it has reopened. The first half of the year , 16 American games based on Artisan Gateway According to the data, there are only two fewer movie theaters in China than in the same period 2019.

Overall, the Chinese cinema market has shown a strong recovery trend recently. In the first six months of this year, the total revenue of movie tickets reached 3.8 billion US dollars (RMB 26 300 million yuan), only a drop of 16 percent 2015(and (improvement) with compared to last year, when Chinese cinemas were still affected by the massive lockdown). Meanwhile,

local Chinese films — this weekend proved again Never Say Die and Changan advantage – is doing bigger business than ever before. 2019 In the first half of the year, thanks to the vigorous development of the Lunar New Year release season, the total game sales in China soared to 2.8 billion US dollars, a year-on-year increase 25 compared to the same period in the year before the pandemic.

Analysts note that the remaining revenue shortfall is almost entirely due to the plummeting revenues of U.S. films in China. Despite a healthy resumption of Hollywood blockbusters entering China, U.S. films grossed just $1 million in the first six months of the year, compared with the $1.9 billion earned by 2015 over the same period compared to a sharp decline.

Expectations are high for Greta Gerwig and the earning potential of Warner Bros.’ Barbie , which will It opens in China on Friday. But American films will face some extremely stiff local competition. The first part of Chinese director Wu Ershan’s Conferred Gods Trilogy is called “China’s answer to The Lord of the Rings ” , released on Thursday, features the largest cast and largest production budget in Chinese film history.



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