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China's foreign exchange reserves rise by $11 billion to $3.128 trillion in December

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s foreign exchange reserves rose in December as the dollar fell against other major currencies, official data showed on Saturday.

China’s foreign exchange reserves – the largest in the world – rose last month from 3.128 dollars to 3.128 million billion, up to 11 billion A Reuters poll of analysts forecast a trillion dollars, up from $3 in November.117 Trillions of dollars.

The yuan gained 2.8% against the dollar in December, while the greenback lost 2.3% against a basket of other major currencies last month.

held by China 64. 64 Million troy ounces of gold at end-Dec, down from end-November.

The value of China’s gold reserves rose to $111.11 from $ at the end of December .64 $1 billion at the end of November.



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