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Chinese Propaganda Laments Trump 2024 Candidacy: 'A Tragedy'

China Global Times The official propaganda newspaper declared former US President Donald Trump this week to declare a third presidential campaign a “‘tragedy’ for American democracy,” predicting Trump on Wednesday. Trump’s return to politics will inspire “violence”.

arrive2020 and countering the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party is at the heart of its government policy. Trump’s many actions to reduce the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on the world stage and in the United States include imposing tariffs on Chinese products, blocking national security threats such as telecommunications company Huawei from doing business in the United States, and officially recognizing the Communist Party’s genocide against the United States. Muslim groups in East Turkestan, especially the Uyghurs.

Announced Tuesday In a speech in which he will run against incumbent leftist President Joe Biden — who is deeply involved in business dealings with individuals tied to the Chinese Communist Party — Trump emphasized that he would prioritize the economic and political arena with China . Trump vowed that if he returned to the White House, he would “do everything possible to eliminate America’s dependence on China.”

in an article titled ” “Trump Initiated 2021 Bidding may exacerbate ‘American political division’, a ‘tragedy’ of American democracy,” Global Times – which acts as the mouthpiece of the Chinese government – acknowledges Chinese diplomacy The ministry did not comment on Trump’s statement because it was an “internal matter.” The ministry routinely denounces other countries for allegedly interfering in China’s “internal affairs,” including opposing China’s genocide and other human rights atrocities against the Uyghur people, and in turn Claiming non-interference in foreign elections.

Global Times continues to claim that, as an official entity of the Chinese government, Trump Running for president “will exacerbate political division and violence in the United States,” citing “China Observer.”

” Trump’s campaign is undoubtedly further exacerbating political divisions in the United States,” the advocacy agency asserted. “Trump is good at destroying the character of his opponents, rather than targeting their political views to gain support. , political division and violence will not decrease, but only increase. “
Professor Li Haidong, a government-approved “expert” who claims Trump will create violence, goes on to call the entire American political system a “tragic” America The current performance of politics is that people spend too much energy and the country spends too much resources serving elections and politics itself, instead of making American politics serve the well-being of the people.”

China’s propaganda apparatus often denounces the US political system, which allows citizens to disagree politically with the government without going to jail, compared to the “harmony” of the US, It is the “messy” totalitarian communist system. The fact that Americans regularly vote for new political leaders, rather than having a dictator like Xi Jinping at the helm indefinitely, has been described as causing “instability.”

Trump made the threat of the Chinese Communist Party a centerpiece of his announcement Tuesday that he would run for president again.

“For the first time in memory, China is staggering and faltering. You’ve never seen this before because the US outpaces in every way And China is paying billions of dollars in taxes and tariffs,” Trump said of his first term. “Instead of jobs and factories leaving the US for China, this is the first time in history that they have left China for the US.”

“This is why we will launch a comprehensive campaign to remove America’s dependence on China,” Trump said. Trump swore. “We will bring our supply chain, now it’s a disaster, you get nothing.”

Chinese Communist Party, Openly celebrating Trump’s defeat in the 2021 Presidential Election through its state media arms.

“Get rid of the burden!” the state-run Xinhua News Agency declared in a now-deleted Twitter post.

The Chinese government has spent a lot of effort to combat Trump’s agenda of imposing tariffs on Chinese products to help American companies in the competition with Chinese industry China is more competitive, while Chinese industry often uses slave labor, making it impossible for foreign companies to compete. Chinese companies have also been implicated in hundreds of cases of intellectual property theft and espionage in the United States.


, the Trump administration announced a move to tax the government of 120 $100 million to impose tariffs on a variety of Chinese products, including but not limited to televisions, auto parts, and medical products. In July, Bloomberg reported that the fallout from U.S. tariffs was helping U.S. companies weather the economic devastation caused by China’s coronavirus lockdown.


“For some companies, their first impetus to revamp their supply chains came two years ago before [the Chinese coronavirus], when then-President Donald Trump began imposing tax after tax on Chinese products. Tariffs,” Bloomberg observed.

“Generac generator maker Holdings began drawing up plans to move some production out of China, which got underway when the pandemic hit. strengthened,” the outlet noted in one example. “The company is now getting more parts from suppliers in the U.S. and Mexico, making more generators near its headquarters outside Milwaukee, and operating a brand new factory in a small town north of Augusta, Georgia.”

The report also identified 2018-percent increase between 2021 and 2024 Manufacturing facility in the USA*).

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