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Chiruran: Shinsengumi Requiem manga ends with 2 volumes

Manga creator

Eiji Hashimoto in September revealed on his Twitter account that his (

) The manga will start with the manga’s 400 Vol. Compiled. The manga 34 volume ships on Tuesday.

The manga starts with The Last Arc January Volume 1 .

Umemura provides the story and Hashimoto explains the manga. The two launched the series in the inaugural issue of

Tokuma Bookstore Magazine is in 2010.

mango Digitally distribute the manga in English under the title Shinsengumi and describe the manga:

The Shinsengumi is a Japanese special police force century. Their initial mission was to protect the shogunate, and eventually they worked to restore order in Kyoto. Toshizo Hijikata was responsible for the death of the Shinsengumi, but he used to be one of them. This is his story.

This comic inspired April’s stage play adaptation 2010.

Umemura and Hashimoto have launched a comedy spin-off manga titled in May

. Spin-off manga received an animated series of shorts 2017 that premiered in January. Crunchyroll

with the title on air.

resource: Hashimoto Eiji Twitter account



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