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Chloe Bennet on 'Dave' Season 3: 'Every episode is different'

After seven seasons as Daisy “Skye” Johnson on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , on the FX comedy Dave is a big change of pace for Chloe Bennet – especially when she plays Lil Dicky’s Love object and character of the show star and creator Dave Burd is one of her best friends.

Season 3 Lil Dicky on his “journey to find love” meets Bennet’s character, a photographer named Robyn. The seventh episode aired in July 10 Afterwards, Robin came to Los Angeles to visit Dave, facing surprises one after another. First she learns it’s his birthday week, then his friend sends her to coax him to a party on the beach, where she’ll meet his parents – and on the way there, he admits he can’t ride a bike Bicycle, and more importantly, he did not immediately correct rumors that he died in a tour bus explosion. (She handles it very well.)

“This role means a lot to me because Dave was such a wonderful show, but one of the things I love about this season is that it really reflects on different degrees of male-female relationships,” Bennet said. “It was a really special experience working with all the women on set and seeing how Dave sees himself in these relationships.”

Before the episode was released, Bennet Talked to THR about watching Burd’s rise, working with friends, and what’s coming up with her character this season.

How did you get involved with Dave?

Dave and I have actually been friends for many years. So it always feels like, when is the right time to be on the show? Because I was always tangentially involved from the sidelines, rooting for him, watching the show and its success. It was really special to be involved as a friend from the beginning, and there was actually room in season three for me to sit back and be involved. The way and timing of my schedule seems to be fine.

What I love about this season, and what I love about his relationship with Robin, is that it really forces Dave to examine his relationships with women, or lack thereof this relationship. How his neuroses are partly so beneficial to art and success, and how we see it as working against him in some ways in terms of romance and his relationships with women. So I’m always more interested in that side of things, especially having been friends with him for so long, and seeing that in real life, as friends is an interesting thing to see from the sidelines. It was so cool to be a part of it on screen.

Compared to your previous series, the work of Dave How’s it going?

So different. I think Dave, in general, because of who he is as a creator and an artist, his work has always been a bit of an anomaly. He’s both a rapper and a very independent creator, and it’s been fun to watch how that process impacts the system in which we actually create TV shows. He has a whole new way of doing and doing things. Compared to SHIELD, they’re completely different, but it’s really exciting to be able to do something different as an actor. Dave Of course there is freedom. Obviously, it was edgier and had more room to play back in the day. Also, Travis Bennett, Benny [Blanco] and Dave, they are all good friends of mine in real life. So a lot [in episode seven], we’re filming down the street from Benny’s real house, and it feels like we’re a bunch of friends hanging out. So it’s always been fun to film those relationships and give people a little insight into what life is really like.

How would you describe Robyn?

I think Robyn is a very approachable modern young woman. Having this kind of relationship with a man who takes his career extremely seriously, I think a lot of women can understand as a struggle of being a professional and being a woman in the workplace, while also trying to keep up with the whole thing – dating men and being with other Creator dating can be time work. Robin is a photographer. She’s an artist, and I think what’s been successful about this season is that you can see a lot of women have to compromise in their romantic and professional lives. I think we’ve tried to explore that as much as possible this season.

Dave Chloe Bennet and Dave Burd. Byron Cohen/FX1235371181

How did it feel to film the scene in the latest episode where he admits he didn’t immediately correct reports that he had died?

Filming that scene was crazy. Not just because of that, but because in real life Dave really doesn’t know how to ride a bike. So on the day of the shoot, Dave was pretty much just doing what he was doing in front of the camera, and I was just like, “Dave, like, rest.” Aside from the logistics, it was fun to shoot. But, in that scene, I think that’s where she and Dave are actually very compatible. I think she understands him a little bit–I know it well, having been friends with him for so long. I think she kind of had a neurosis like him that caused him to say nothing and he was stressed about it. I like to think of that as a moment of deep acceptance where he doesn’t have to over explain himself. It’s going to be something that other people will be like, “Wait. What?” I think she just sort of gets it, maybe she doesn’t get it all, but she understands his point of why he can get sucked into everything and then end up with what Don’t say anything.

What were some of your favorite moments from filming this season?

I live in Los Angeles 1235371181 All my friends have worked in the industry over the years and it’s always so special to work with your friends and experience them in a professional environment and start working together – especially with me A very respectful person in terms of creativity. Watching Dave go from being almost exclusively a rapper when we first met, to being a producer, writer, and creator of this TV show, in a new medium, watching him do things as a friend Really something special about him. So it was cool to see him take that position, and then start working together and being a part of what I really think is their best season – but it’s also weird, man. Like, this season is getting tough.

Do you have a favorite episode of this season?

[Plot] Nine is really fucking crazy. This season is wild. Dave’s brain is one of my favorite brains. He’s incredibly creative, and I’m always amazed by the way his brain absorbs information and the way he thinks about problems. In season three, every episode has its own weirdness, and I love it. I think it ends by surprising even Dave fans. I really enjoyed making nine and I didn’t want to give it up, but it was fun.

How can you describe where your character goes from here without revealing too much?

I think it’s obvious they have really great chemistry and Dave, the character, he Looking for love. The whole season has been about him finding love, and he has a real chance, let’s see if he doesn’t screw it up. Is he really looking for love? Love is compromise, right? And the Dave character has established himself as a self-centered guy who is building his career. You can want something, but are you willing to compromise? Are you willing to actually do it? I think it’s a really relatable fight for any young professional right now, and we’re seeing him trying to navigate it.

What are you going to do next?

I am currently filming this show called Interior Chinatown, which is really exciting. It’s incredible that Taika Waititi serves as the pilot and serves as executive producer. Very different from Dave to that one, but just as interesting.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

Dave releases new episodes every Wednesday on on FXX In the afternoon, it streams on Hulu.



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