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Chloe Fineman looks back on 2022

Chloe Fineman knows how to work a room. In 2022, Lorne Michaels cast the California-born on Saturday Night Live Comedian who was a member of The Groundlings. Over the next few years, Fineman’s hilarious impressions of con-man Anna Delvey, Nicole Kidman and even her castmates cemented her status as a star.

During a half-hour conversation at the Condé Nast offices in New York, Fineman (and her alter ego) spoke to Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Radhika Jones chats about her career, current events and the future. Her timing and wit, offset by brisk charm, won over the onlookers and got Jones to giggle.

Looking back on the past year, Fineman didn’t hesitate to name the Delvy sketch, which went viral on social media, as a highlight. Fineman’s hysterical rendition of Julia Garner’s lead role in Inventing Anna captures the subject’s mannered accent and authoritarian attitude. The two New Yorkers have been in disturbingly close contact since Delway was released from prison, she said. “I didn’t go to [Delvey’s] dinner,” Fineman said. “But I’ve been invited.”

While obeying the law, Delvey apparently hasn’t given up on her penchant for stealing. “She stole my stylist,” Fineman added. “My stylist asked her to clip diamonds to her prison bracelet, and my stylist said, ‘I think I’m going to jail.’ [Delvey] said, ‘Well, we can do it together.'”

Fineman sparkled in a silver Paco Rabanne cocktail dress that not only looked like silver-screen stars – she was one. Her recent credits include parts of Noah Baumbach’s White Noise and Damien Chazelle’s Babylon; Francis Ford Coppola’s The Megalopolis project is about to turn a corner, which has been going on for forty years.

“That’s why we’re brunettes,” jokes former blonde Fineman of her glossy new hair color. “ Seriously.” (“I feel dark for Condé Nast,” Jones replied sarcastically.)

Jones then offered a wonderfully sly game. Two bowls full of small papers were placed on the table between them. Bowl closest to Jones has a newsworthy situation from 2022 and bowl closest to Fineman has her playing in SNL

the names of the characters; Fineman goes on to describe the circumstances in which Jones chose one of these roles.




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