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Chloë Sevigny and Chopova Lowena's Fashion Storytime

A sea of ​​paneled plaid miniskirts and rainbow mesh tops descended on the 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman last night as the New York fashion world gathered to watch Chloe Sevigny read a fairy tale. She read “Conversations with Angels” to a rapt audience – Emma Chopova and Lauren Lowena (eponymous Brand Chopova Lowena (founder of Chopova Lowena) retells Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen.” However, the Chopova Lowena version was written by the poet Precious Okoyomon, photographed by Charlotte Wales and starring the one and only Chloë Sevigny.

Chloë Sevigny x Chopova Lowena feels like a match made in heaven. Cool-girl fashion heaven, and for that, we can thank Sevigny’s husband. “My husband looked at the dress and I thought, ‘What’s that brand!'” she continued, “They [Chopova Lowena] approached me with this project and I said, ‘Of course! I want to dedicate myself to you and your Fantasy and all you want to create. I am your model, your lump of clay; mold me into anything. Here I am!’ I’m just playing the game.”

Guests Alia Raza, Becky Akinyode, Mina Le, Nina Tiari, Oyinda, Quil Lemons and Rowan Blanchard were honored to read live from the Snow Queen herself while sipping champagne and floral cocktails at Bergdorf Restaurant fairy tales. The crowd was engrossed as Sevigny sat in a chair and delivered her best school teacher speech.

“We were obsessed, to say the least. When she [Sevigny] bought our necklace We were so excited at the time, and since then we thought she was the perfect person to embody everything we love and we wanted to work with her,” explains Emma Chopova. “We write books because they’re cherished and last longer. It’s a perfect fit.”

Guests were undeniably drawn to this iconic collaboration, and on the night At the end, a few talks to angels, and as the group of hipsters scurry out of cocktail hour and head back to Street, was found hidden in their arms. You can buy your own copy of Conversations With Angels here.



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