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Chris Barnett details cheek injury and weight issues at UFC 279

UFC 279 commentators take note of Chris Barnett’s facial expressions during preliminaries with Jack Collier and express concern over what appears to be a serious injury.

Someone talking about nerve damage or stroke. Things weren’t all that serious, though certainly not fun for Barnett, who survived early troubles to produce highlights with his signature flipping celebrations.

“Jack grabbed my [cheek] and actually a chunk of the inside of my [cheek] was just dangling in my mouth,” Barnett said in MMA hours . “This is what happened to my left cheek.

” I couldn’t bite it because it was like taking a butter knife and trying to cut a steak with the mouthpiece, trying to cut me ‘s [cheek]] that is dangling. I think I took a bite out of one of the fists and got a big bite there. “

The wound healed quickly.

“I can’t even show you this one Works — you’d say, ‘Yeah, you’ve had a stroke anyway,'” jokes Barnett.

For Barnett, it’s just another Another hurdle to overcome in a challenging fight week. At UFC 279, he became the second UFC heavyweight to fail to reach the 266-pound limit in a non-championship fight. He was responsible for competing in a heavier-than-usual A week of fights, but added that the fighter would have gained weight if not for an overzealous doctor monitoring his weight loss.

According to Ba Nate’s claim that the trouble started when he was examined by a doctor who was enlisting for a pre-combat physical. He said the doctor looked at his standing heart rate and immediately sounded the alarm. When he protested that when he “” His heart rate soared as he tied the wrong shoelace, and an argument broke out between him, his trainer and the doctor.

Barnett said, As he moved from the UFC Performance Academy, where he was finishing his cut, to the official UFC APEX weigh-in, he was still sweating-ins was happening. When his weight loss stopped, he had 1.5 pounds left, but the doctors didn’t budge.

” [he said], “If I let you lose this pound and a half, I’ll curse you for losing tomorrow,” Ba Nate said. “I was like, ‘Jesus. Wow. Wait, man. Is it that serious now?'”

“He Favorite line is, ‘I’ve been doing this since the Gracie family.’ I was like, ‘Obviously, I have nothing to say about this.'”

So, Barnett is underweight and forced to hand over 20% of his wallet to Collier. But that’s not the only problem with getting into the octagon. Five days before the event, he “wrecked” his car in an accident.

“I said this to management and I was like, ‘You guys better not say anything – I’m fine,’ ‘ said Barnett. “They were like, ‘Are you sure?’ After what happened at the previous camp, a plane might hit me, and I was like, ‘Ah, we’re fine, let’s move on.'”

As Barnett revealed ahead of UFC 279, before his fight at UFC Las Vegas 51, he His wife was hospitalized with encephalitis and he faced a tragic situation. Instead of quitting, he continued training and ended the game suffering a technical decision loss. His wife died in May after battling the disease for two months.

When Barnett played against Collier in a second-round TKO suspension, his joy was irrepressible. As he did after he knocked out Gian Villante in a highlight reel at UFC 268, he flipped his hips on the canvas to the delight of the crowd at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

As painful as it looks, Barnett says Flip isn’t even close he’s fighting damage suffered.

“The cage is not concrete,” he said. “It’s not grass. It’s buffering. I know some of these slams and you’ll see people get knocked out of the slams – it just lets you know how strong some of these guys are. Cage didn’t So hard, on top of that, I’ve got a little donkey here, man. Shoot, I’ve got a Megan your stallion back here.

“I have a move called ‘baby spanking’, I used to do it in the pool and I would jump up, land on my ass and jump from my ass to the pool inside. I’ve been whipped – we’re fine there. It is cast iron. “

So is Barnett’s toughness outside the cage.



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